Montreal Water Levels flooding, Flow Rate for Carillon Dam at unprecedented levels

Flooding around Montreal and the surrounding areas has been the worst it's ever been, and it's about to get worse. In a notice posted around 6:30pm Sunday night, officials are advising that the water level is expected to rise another 20 cm (8 inches) over the next few days, largely because the Carillon dam has opened it's flood gates entirely to ease the pressure on the dam.

The last time something like this happened, the April 21, 2008 Montreal Gazette reported that water levels rose 25 cm when all 14 gates were opened and the daily flow rate was 6,060 cubic meters per second.
Map of Ottawa River Carillon Dam
Map of Ottawa River Carillon Dam
The Current Flow Rate: The Ottawa river is the main source of water flowing from the West around Montreal. The rate of flow for May 8th 2017 could exceed 8,500 m3/s (meters cubed, per second). Exceeding the highest daily maximums ever recorded. People should prepare for flooding on an unprecedented scale.
May 2017 Carillon Dam Flow Rates
May 2017 Carillon Dam Flow Rates
The chart above shows the average daily outflows for the Carillon dam since May 1st, 2017, along with a linear trend-line, suggesting if the trend continues, we could see flow rates over 9,000 cubic meters per second as of tomorrow.

Update May 8, 2017: The flow rate of the dam was 8,793 m3/s yesterday and reached 8,900 today, which is markedly close to the trend-line. Officials are now saying the peak is near and by Wednesday the water should recede.

Historically,the chart below shows the daily maximums and minimums for the dam. As you can see, the highest ever recorded was 8,190 m3/s in 1976 and before that 8,105 m3/s in 1974. Now, as of May 6, 2017 the daily average flow rate was 8,121, just 0.85% away from the record high. As they open the 14th gate at Carillon surely the flow rate will reach the highest levels ever, as too will the water levels in the surrounding areas of greater Montreal.
Daily Maximum and Minimum Flow Rates for Carillon Dam
Daily Maximum and Minimum Flow Rates for Carillon Dam
For some context historically, the last chart below shows the annual daily average flow rates by month for the dam. As you can see, May and April are typically the highest months of the year, as you would expect in Spring time. It's really May of 1974 and April of 1976 that had the highest points.
Carillon Dam Flow Rates by Month per Year
Carillon Dam Flow Rates by Month per Year
Data was obtained May 8th, 2017 from the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board website.

Watch This Unbelievable Advertisment for this 1996 Suzuki Vitara #BuyMyVitara

#BuyMyVitara Suzuki For Sale
When it comes time to sell your car, the average person would just toss an add up on Craigslist or Kijiji and be done with it (Read up on what to watch out for with our Second Hand Car Buyers Guide). But this 1996 Suzuki Vitara owner, has gone above and beyond to demonstrate the joy and adventure this car has seen, really creating a persona for the car that likens back to the time of the original Jurassic Park movies... maybe that's because they come from similar years... regardless of age though, this advertisement video the owner has made to help sell the Vitara is beyond exceptional. Take a look at the video below: #BuyMyVitara

Fantastic scenery, adventure and cunning, show this incredible piece of machinery careening through scenes of mud, dirt, jungle, forest and then on top of a mountain overlooking a serious waterfall... In the desert miles from civilization, racing against a cheetah, and then... Running with the dinosaurs? evading a T-Rex as it makes a velociraptor into lunch?
Suzuki Vitara in Jurassic Park

Heading into a sky-high dust storm where he finds the Mad Max crew and races against that Mad Max GT Coupe...
Mad Max Suzuki Vitara

How to Contest a Ticket and who's at fault in an Accident

Whose at fault when you Crash at an Intersection and How to contest charges against you
How to Contest a Ticket and who's at fault in an Accident.
What do you do, when you find yourself standing in the middle of an intersection, your car smashed, and a bunch of gawkers pointing and blaming you for something that - as far as you know - wasn't your fault? Then, imagine the police arrive, and side with the "presumptive innocent" party because a couple random people on the street said so?

Mad Max / Death Proof inspired Toyota Celica 1977 Rebuild w/ Supercharger Engine Upgrade Built by n0el

It's build projects like this 1977 Toyota Celica from n0el that are the heart and soul of what mod-culture is all about. The passion to do something different, exciting, and a little bit crazy, all encompassed within this, nearly 4 decade old Japanese sports car. After connecting with n0el about sharing his build story here, you'll see this guy has clearly wiped the slate clean on the subject of how-to do "JDM Muscle" the right way.
Mad Max Fury Road Toyota Celica 1977 SuperCharged
Mad Max Fury Road Toyota Celica 1977 SuperCharged
He built this thing using a mix of parts from other JDM cars, imports and various Toyota Supra, Corolla suspension and engine parts, with Mini Cooper S Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors paired to Mazda RX-7 FC Brake Calipers, a Tercel booster with a Nissan Silvia S13 Brake Master Cylinder. Kudos n0el, this Mad Max / Death Proof inspired Celica has turned out to be a real work of art, receiving praise from internet forums and car junkies all around the world this past week. The above photo was created by a fan of the car, photo-shopping n0el's Celica into the Max Max Fury Road poster. Just awesome!

1977 Stock Original Toyota Celica
1977 Stock Original Toyota Celica
n0el: Love it or hate it, I took a perfectly good car and made it into something I enjoy (on most days) driving and looking at.

So I bought this 1977 Toyota Celica back in late 2009. Big fan of Japanese classics but they were rare here in Hawaii. So I took advantage of being stationed in Texas and bought one and took it back to Hawaii with me.

1UZFE 4.0 V8 out of a Lexus LS400. Mated to a Supra MK3 W5x gearbox.
1UZFE 4.0 V8 (Lexus LS400) w/ a Supra MK3 W5x gearbox.
It took a while but I finally decided on a motor (2013) I wanted to swap in. A first generation 1UZFE 4.0 V8 out of a Lexus LS400. Mated to a Supra MK3 W5x gearbox.

The Blackbird: A Shape-shifting Chameleon car from The Mill

GIF Blackbird by The Mill VFX Technology Car

Imagine a car with chameleon like abilities - this is it. A visual effects solution for automotive advertising, for a problem most manufacturers likely didn't even realize existed. This is very clever idea that frankly, we all should've thought up sooner! The technology required to do this has been around, it just took someone thinking side-ways to put it all together into something useful.

The Mill's Blackbird car that can be any car it wants to
The Mill's Blackbird car that can be any car it wants to
As The Mill explains in their video below, they have created a fully adjustable "car" which can be made to handle similarly enough to any road going vehicle, including adjustable wheelbase and suspension.

The British Car Show - What Year is This?

Orange British Motor Company MGB Engine
Every year, a small town located West of the Island of Montreal hosts an Annual British Car Show, which sees all kinds of antique and uniquely special truly British cars rolling up to show and display their best.
Orange British Motor Company MGB Side Profile
Located in a primarily French-speaking part of Canada, this olde English town has many ties back to Great Britain, as such, so to do many of the vehicles.

Take a look at a couple of the photos snapped today, there were some very well looked after examples abound, like the beautiful Orange MGB from the British Motor Company pictured above. Or this stunning classic Jaguar.
Classic Jaguar British Car Show

Classic Jaguar 6 Cylinder Engine

Classic Jaguar 6 Cylinder Engine

Classic Jaguar Interior Dash and Steering Wheel

Click on Read More to see the rest of these great cars:

How Hard is it to Sell a Nissan Skyline GTR?

For Sale Nissan Skyline GTR Stock Original Unmodified
How much can I expect to get when selling my car? What if my car is special, like really special, imported, drive on the wrong side shift with my left hand kind of special. A Nissan Skyline GTR - How Hard is it to sell a unique car like that?

The Lemon Jeep Grand Cherokee Song

So this guy named Teg, from Australia, bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2013 for $60K, and since purchase has had a plethora of issues and had to be towed a number of times. He no longer trusts it to transport his family, and has basically been given the shaft from Fiat Chrysler Australia, so he does what any angry person would reasonably do when given a lemon - make lemonade!

A few of the lyrics from the song:
"I had a master plan I spent 60 grand on a grand cherokee to transport the fam, I thought a new car would be safe with a baby on the way and it just wasn't the case, after 15 faults 3 times it was towed... I made a mistake I bought a Jeep... Chrysler makes money out of bullying the consumer..."

6 Months ago I predicted Furious 7 would be the 4th Highest Grossing Movie of All Time, 5 Months before it's release date and Today, it's true.

6 Months ago, I wrote down an open prediction about how I thought the future success of the movie 'Furious 7' would go, titled: Furious 7 Will be Lucky # 7 as The Highest Grossing Movie Release in the Franchise Series - Because: Paul Walker. At the time, we were still 5 months before the release of the movie, which only just premiered in theaters April 3, 2015. After the article was posted here on The SkyLife news blog I posted a link to the article on a public forum site, partially to provide verifiable proof of my claim through an independent third party site, and partly because I was curious to know what other fans of the movie franchise would think of my wild prediction.