The Lemon Jeep Grand Cherokee Song

So this guy named Teg, from Australia, bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2013 for $60K, and since purchase has had a plethora of issues and had to be towed a number of times. He no longer trusts it to transport his family, and has basically been given the shaft from Fiat Chrysler Australia, so he does what any angry person would reasonably do when given a lemon - make lemonade!

A few of the lyrics from the song:
"I had a master plan I spent 60 grand on a grand cherokee to transport the fam, I thought a new car would be safe with a baby on the way and it just wasn't the case, after 15 faults 3 times it was towed... I made a mistake I bought a Jeep... Chrysler makes money out of bullying the consumer..."