Ford Focus RS Owners take to the boards decry Head Gasket Failures

Ford Focus RS

Around last February, some Ford Focus RS owners started reporting head gasket failures in their new cars under a myriad of circumstances, stock or tuned/modified. Some being denied warranty coverage for one reason or another. The discussion over on the Focus RS forums is now presently 114 pages deep and 10 comments wide per page, people are not happy with the response they're getting from Ford and they're letting it be known.

The Focus RS pictured above from the Ford site touts a 2.3L EcoBoost engine with a 6 speed manual transmission, jam packed with all kinds of features and tech, on paper it all looks very good. But it seems that a suspect commonly occurring crack in the engine is raining all over the parade as customers report symptoms of misfires, a coolant smell in the exhaust, lowering coolant levels and white smoke from the exhaust.

As of yet there does not seem to be a clear consensus on the issues' cause exactly, manufacturing defect or assembly issue possibly, If you have a similar situation with your Ford Focus RS, you should consider adding your name to the list as well and keeping up on the thread. There is no recall or anything like that issued by Ford - for now.


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