Spotlight On: AWFILMS

AWFILMS has put together a very cool montage featuring some incredible cars. Check out his Vimeo page for more stunning work.

Here's a short description of the video by the man himself:

Finally got around to finishing this video. It has been forever ago since i was in Japan. Its been about 7 months now. Yeah i have been slacking, but i have been motivated again. Ever since Japan was struck by the Eartquakes etc,

Top Gear [UK] Troubled by Tesla Motors - And... some Street Racing.

In this article published by Wired, they explain how Telsa Motors' new super electric car, was being cast in an unfair light by the famed Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear [UK]. I personally watched that episode a few weeks ago and recall being disappointed myself with the way Jeremy Handled it. To me, the Tesla super electric car (a super-car, powered by electricity) represents something fantastic, a leap in a direction that has been ignored by the racing community for long enough.
Tesla Motors is suing for damages, as they say they continue to receive calls from customers and investors asking about these so called "problems with the car" that Clarkson reported. In reality there were no problems with the car, it performs flawlessly and has an immense amount of power.

I believe the filing of the suit is more of a publicity stunt and awareness measure to let the public know Top Gear's report wasn't 100% truthful, and that Tesla Motors cars are working as they should be. Tesla must surely know that by allowing Top Gear to test one of their cars, they are subjecting it to the opinions of the writers and Clarkson himself, none of which can (I believe) be held libel for damages in court, especially because the BBC will likely say Top Gear is an entertainment show, and not necessarily and exclusively a non-fiction news reporting entity.

So I guess we'll see in the coming episodes if Clarkson Apologizes or not, it would be nice to see a fair test of the car though as it does look promising

For your enjoyment... The Latest from 1320 Films: TX2K11 - 1300 - 1500 TT Lambo's Vs. 300hp Busa, 1100hp TT Viper Vs. 1200hp Supra... This video speaks for itself. Watch in HD if you can!

Wanna know what a BMW M3 E36 LS6 sound like? Carl Nadeau 2010 Dmcc Highlights!!

Here's my new video ! Carl  Nadeau 2010 Dmcc Highlights with his BMW M3 E36 LS6 !!

What do guys think of V8 in drifting??

Golden Gardens 2011 Car Meet

The guys over at Big Boy Media have posted up some fantastic photos of a recent car meet, show casing some very cool cars, head over to their blog for the full story: Big Boy Media: Golden Gardens 2011 Meet

First day of Driving my car this year

First I'd like to mention that we've been awarded the "Top Auto Blog" award, from Save Today Auto Insurance, Thanks for recognizing our place in the automotive community.

Last night the car went in to Autoworx to cover a few things and take it out of storage for the summer, which is fast approaching. But before dropping the car off I had another friend over during the day helping me to finish the new wiring for the speakers, and install the pioneer radio. We got it finished in time and I must say I'm really starting to smile from the way the center console is looking, It's so very close to being done. I haven't snapped any pics of it yet, but I will post them as soon as I do.

Anyways, we dropped the car off at Autoworx, and I left them a "short" list of

Japan: Formula 1 Support

With the season opener in Melbourne this Sunday, there has been a few signs of support for Japan. Starting here with sticker attached on the Mercedes GP car.

And one more on Jarno Trulli's newly designed helmet.

Japan and F1 have been tied together for many years now. The passion amongst race fans alone is immense to say the least.

We shall have a moment of silence this coming Sunday. And for those who wish to see inside the Save Japan site, see image link below. English option on RH top side of main page.

Feast Auto will be making a donation shorty to this cause. It is Japan after all that has given many of us the best motoring experiences ever.

A Man "Driving" an AE86

Not a whole lot to say about this, just thought it was funny, and reminded me of those other videos of those guys who make car noises with their mouths. Enjoy!

Swaybars, Seats and How To Guides

With the help of a friend today I finally had time to tie up a lot of the loose ends I've been working on. I started off by doing a little write up on a very basic subject that I've had some requests for, so consider those requests fulfilled! Jacking the car up off the ground, here's the write up: How-To: Jack Lift the Car up, and support it with jack stands. Which has also been added to the How To guides section on the right for easy access.
Next I installed some new R34 seats into my R32, not exactly direct swap, but I got it sorted in the end. I've added this whole new bit to my full build story here: Second GTR Build Story
Lastly, I finished the write up on swaybars, understeer and oversteer, including a section on installing new ones here: How To: Swaybars, Understeer and Oversteer Explained

Japan: Ruddel Sports 16V

Following yesterdays hot find, there was one more. But this time based around a well known VW shop within the Matsuyama city limits.

This Golf GTI was built several years ago. Built to compete in a Euro race series up at Okayama Circuit though has made some short appearances at small tracks around Shikoku Island.

The body on this car has been lightened up big time with reproduction Carbon Kevlar front, rear bumpers, front fenders, FRP bonnet and finally extremely lightweight high quality acrylic side and rear glass. Final total weight around 850KG. Now that is super light!

The 16V has been well tuned as seen. Originally all parts were brought in from Germany and assembled at the Ruddel shop. Net power is said to be around 260PS at the motor. Werent these cars like 150 out of the!

Finally the cockpit. This car is as fierce inside as it looks under the hood. Fitted with a cage, dry carbon door panel covers, plated foot-well, Sparco race seats and more. So many ideas have popped into my head since viewing this car. I think the Silvia is getting a few extra's soon :-)

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Japan: Deserted Spec Race Cars

Since leaving the Kanto region last Friday, Ive been forced to put a lot of business on hold. And with holds comes a lot of spare time.

Today for instance, while out for a ride in near by Masaki town in Ehime prefecture, there I spotted a group of abandoned spec race cars which were once raced locally by a small group called No ah Racing. Here is their Minkara Blog Blog includes some of there newer spec race cars being run these days.

These little machines all seemed to be well built. All gutted to minimize weight, including lexan acrylic windows, through the dash roll cages and so on.

Personally, I believe that these were the popular hot hatch models back in the day. Perhaps even to this day a little.

For now, have a look at these gems. I will for sure keep on looking for more in Japan.

Nice Rare Nismo Exhaust

I was browsing the Yahoo auctions website as I sometimes do late at night and I came across this: Ultra Rare Nismo NE1 Exhaust. The buy it now price, is set for 200,000 JPY, which is equivalent to $2472.19 USD...
This is really a beautiful exhaust, made for the R32, wouldn't mind one on my car! Here's what the product description says according to Google translate, so there may be a some errors in the translation:
Nismo front pipe made of a catalyst, to the dual of Sentasairensa, RB26DETT Furuekizosutoshisutemumafura only "Weldina NE-1" is. 1993 R32 Skyline Expression GT-R V-spec (mileage garage kept in air-conditioned: 4 km around ten thousand) Removed from. Keep the love machine anytime soon, so back to the muffler, we will exhibit. ,20000-RS581 becomes part number, price is about 298 000 yen at the time. Associated with the use, small wounds were slightly, though there is burnt, no defects such as Hekomi all, a very beautiful state. Material: Stainless steel SUS304, the main pipe diameter: Φ60 × set size of 2: Φ80, bore out Riasairensa: will Φ115. Niatari regarding the use and installation, gaskets, bolts and nuts so no, please bring in the highest bidder. (Sorry to put you will) Niokimashite delivery method is courier kuronekoyamato (freight collect) have been scheduled. Thank you.

I was able to find this video of an R34 with the same exhaust system so we could hear how it sounds...

mmm... what a nice tone.

Author 2 Author: Response To "This is the reason the Nissan Skyline is illegal in the USA"

Why Nissan Skyline Illegal to Import
Quebec, Canada
Sean, I've gotta say, after reading your post about the reason behind the Skyline being illegal in the U.S. I definitely heard a few bells ringing! The situation seems similar to what's going on here in Quebec, Canada.

First; there are 2 local Forums that are worth mentioning here, that have helped keep the public informed, and fight for our rights, respectively: RHD Quebec and the Import Vehicle Owners Association of Canada. Both have the full story in every detail in their sticky threads, along with links to the PDF for the study etc...

Edit: Since publishing this article GTRCanada has now started an RHD legal sub-forum filled with lots of information as well: GTR-Canada ~ Subforum for RHD Legal Information

As I understand it, in our case, federally we are allowed to import any car that was not originally offered on Canadian soil, only 15 years after the date of manufacture. But now some of the provinces started acting out against federal law, like in B.C. how the ICBC study really made life difficult for people out there.

Importing a RHD Japanese Car to CanadaAnyway, now our own provincial government passed a law practically overnight a few years back, and gave zero prior notice to the public or those it may affect, they put a moratorium on the registration, of un-inspected right hand drive cars. So that specifically meant that if your car had a license plate already, you're fine, if you don't have a plate yet, you'll never ever get one. Pointe Finale, as they say.... or so it would seem.

And what about the people who have cars and may be waiting to get inspected? Even those who had appointments for inspections days after the announcement would not be able to get plated! So their cars make excellent paper weights now.

In Montreal alone there are 16 different "JDM Shops" that sell all kinds of imported vehicles, Supra's, WRX's, Evo's, 300ZX, Silvia's, and of course Skylines. How many of them must have had cars in transit that were already purchased, which they will not be able to sell here. No Warning was given to them, they attempted to band together, they hired a lawyer paid like a $50,000 retainer amongst 8 of the shops, and the lawyer then said, "Ok, we can beat this, but its going to be really expensive, to the tune of $1,000,000" which meant, the lawyer did some research, found out who they would be up against, and thats how much they would fight this he figures.

The reason we couldn't get our cars plated was a technicality that came from the wording of the law, really they were banning the inspection of RHD vehicles, which meant it had nothing to do with safety, or emissions or anything like that from a legal perspective, it must be that their inspectors are not able to properly evaluate a car that has a steering wheel on the right hand side. This meant that this little sticker here, is your go free pass, if you have one on your front window already, you're golden.
Vehicle Import Inspection Sticker
SAAQ Inspection "Vignette"
Now, in Quebec, the police have the ability to send your car for an "Obligatory Vehicle Safety Inspection" if your vehicle appears to be falling apart on the road and is unfit to drive. I'll be honest, I've received one such infraction while driving a Chevy Van 30 Cargo van downtown, something about fuel lines leaking, and doors that are jammed shut, and parts of the body falling off... So I know the pain of this "Forced inspection" all to well.

Its a hundred something dollars for the initial inspection, and the list is about a hundred points long, they usually fail most cars at least once, if not twice, and they offer to fix up your car for you, at an inflated rate compared to a regular mechanic anywhere else. Then its another $70 something every time for re-inspection. But thats where it gets complicated, if you fail the first time, then you have a limited number of days before your car cannot be registered ever again, and the title must be scrapped. So this forced inspection is serious business, especially for those who have cars that they may not be able to get a part in time to pass inspection! Those driving imported vehicles...

The government initially set a date of one year, at which point they would "Consider" whether to make the law permanent or not, the first year passed and they still didn't decide, (all the while no one can plate their cars... but hey! hold on to them still, because we maaaay allow them soon!). They decided to extend the ban for yet another year and this time conduct a study. They conducted a biased study on RHD cars, comparing them to classes of other cars that were not even close to the same class. They achieved some inflated numbers, and decided "thats it! no more RHD cars will be allowed registered here". Those who had plates are now on "grandfather" status, which is fine for now I guess.

Their only claim for wanting to ban them was because they were cheaper, yet a lot more powerful, younger kids were getting them, and crashing and killing people. That's like saying Motorcycles are dangerous so we're not going to allow them anymore... Oh wait! they essentially did do that when they tripled the registration fee for motorcycle license holders.

What ever happened to the peoples' choice? I thought we were at least smart enough to decide for ourselves if we are capable of driving a certain type of car or not, and if not then at least we could consider a compromise where by we must pass a "driving test" for RHD vehicles? I know I'd pass just fine, as so would everyone else I know who owns one.

So if they weren't banned for safety reasons, then why would somebody, put up a Million dollar barrier on this law, who could be that deeply invested in it? As you suggest as well, some local media were suggesting the car dealerships were getting hurt business-wise.

But this was also just around the time as the economy was slowing down, and we were heading into the recession, and people were not buying cars, so of course it makes sense to pay less and get more for your money by buying an imported vehicle. But the dealer's complained, and pointed at charts with dropping line graphs screaming "it's RHD's fault, they're stealing our business, offering higher quality, better reliability, more performance and power, at a much lower price! We just can't compete with that" But honestly, I doubt thats even the case, the type of people who would buy an RHD car, is not necessarily the same type of person who may have otherwise bought a new car. They're two separate groups.

Anyways, I suppose that stopped new cars from coming in, but what were they to do about all the thousands of us, RHD cars already plated and on the road?...

Well, it wasn't long after that, when the environment minister of Quebec suggested starting emissions testing for cars 15 years or older, funny how that's also the same number of years for the import law. I'm not saying they're definitely related, but that is some sort of coincidence. She was even as harsh as to suggest that failing an emissions test would prove a vehicle unfit to be on the roads. To this day, nothing has been enacted from the environment minister's office, and we keep our fingers crossed.

This is a beautiful province, with a fantastic life style, but man are some of the laws unusual, such as the whole "turning right through a red light "situation. It used to be it was illegal everywhere in Quebec. Then people complained and said that was stupid, so they changed it! Now, you can turn right on a red light, everywhere... Except! - on the island of Montreal. That makes sense... anyways, I digress with the red light thing, but what I'm really trying to say is; I just find it hard to believe that they would go through all this, passing law's in the middle of the night, targeting one specific type of vehicle, costing their own citizens and businesses millions in lost assets and potential sales, and there was no public provocation for this, it's not like there's a group of angry elderly citizens out there saying "stop RHD vehicles". But the pressure is coming from somewhere, we know that for sure!

For now, we stay banded together, and we'll continue to fight, to hold on to our Skylines, our Supras, our Evo's and our WRX's. Hopefully one day, we may live in a more free-market based society.

On that note, I'm left feeling a little nostalgic, and down trodden, so I present for our amusement, one of my favorite Skyline videos, it's short, but sweet:

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This is the Reason the Nissan Skyline is Illegal in the USA

Its heard all the time on the internet, the Nissan Skyline is illegal in the USA. To the layperson, they may hear this and take it as gospel.  It used to be you would hear its illegal because it is right hand drive. You would hear that it is illegal because it was too fast.  Neither of which is true.  Here is the true reason that the Nissan Skyline is illegal in the US, Mercedes Benz North America.

What does Mercedes Benz have to do with a Nissan Skyline?  Picture yourself as Mercedes Benz North America, the official distributor of Mercedes Benz. As the distributor you setup the dealer networks, handle parts and warranty, import the cars, setup pricing, and make money off each Mercedes Benz sold in the US.  Enter the “gray market” cars.  Gray market cars are cars that are imported, but not though official distributors. The gray market cars don’t have a warranty, they are not supported by a dealer network, but here is what they are……CHEAPER. In the consumer driven dollar and cents market place, the cheaper car, is the one the consumer wants.

In December 1984, Time Magazine published this article about gray market luxury cars.  In the article, they mention that the change in the dollars value via the exchange rate, can mean up to a $12,000 savings for a buyer of an imported gray market car, vs a model purchased at a US dealer.  They mention that as many as 50,000 automobiles could have been brought into the US in 1985.
Example: a Mercedes 500 SEL, when bought from an authorized dealer in the U.S., is about $52,000. The same model bought in West Germany and imported by a U.S. buyer goes for some $40,000 after the extra charges.
Read more:,9171,923836,00.html#ixzz1H0r4a8CU
Head over to my blog for the entire post.

Introducing myself !

Hello everyone, just dropping by to show you a couple of my videos. I'm gonna let my videos speak for myself :)

Enjoy !!

Here's the trailer of my last DVD (DriftWars Vol.2) :

Dmcc Round 5 :

Dmcc Round 6 :

Looking forward for more dope videos this summer! JHDproductions got some crazy new gear ;)

JHD Productions is on board

It is with great pleasure that we announce today, the newest edition to our team of Authors. Jordan Hamelin: JHD Productions, and his website is here:

Heres a video from his demo reel.

We look forward to working with JHD Productions in the coming season, and anticipate many great moments to come. Check out some of his other videos on the YouTube channel.

Welcome Aboard Jordan!

2012 Nissan GTR - Promise of Evolution

The New 2012 Nissan GTR Comes with a Promise to Continually evolve, this stunning video released by Nissan USA only a few days ago shows the improvements that have been made, and without spoiling the video for everyone I will say this... it IS faster round the 'ring...

Some of the notable improvements include:
  • A new Carbon Fiber Chassis Brace
  • Improved suspension
  • Larger front rotors and more cooling channels to reduce brake fade
  • New lighter alloy wheels

Tomei has a "Gift" for the RB26DETT

Tomei - The engine specialist, announced a few weeks ago a new line up of turbos to be available for the RB26DETT Engine, below is their promo video... mmmmm :)
PDF from Tomei with Spec and Pricing: Turbo specs pricing PDF Tomei

Customer Service - Lamborghini Destroyed in the name of Consumer Rights

MSN News released a story on a: Lamborghini owner who was rather unsatisfied with the service he received from an Official Lamborghini service station in China.

Apparently he hired a bunch of blue clad men to destroy the car in protest of the poor service.
Angry Chinese man 1 - Lamborghini Zero.
Workers hold hammers as they prepare to destroy a Lamborghini Gallardo L140 luxury sports car to mark World Consumer Rights Day in Qingdao city, eastern Shandong province, China on March 15. The car's owner hired people to publicly destroy the vehicle when it failed to function after a service by an official Lamborghini service station. The protest was made to provoke public support and goad the manufacturer to respect his consumer rights.

This is also being reported by the: China Car Times who had this explanation:

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Burned cars at the port, after the tsunami
Updated with new Nissan information

The 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last week are going to have repercussions around the world. Thousands of deaths, massive destruction. From my home town in Christchurch last month with a 6.3 earthquake, to Japan, where I have many friends and associates from years of dealing in the export and import industry, it is a very real check on the fact the Earth we live on is in constant motion, and we are powerless in the face of mother nature.

One of my friends from Nissan was in the US when the earthquake struck. It is hard to know what to say to someone, than offer your help and support. He flew back to Japan on Saturday, and hopefully everything is going well for him in Japan.

There are obviously much more important things than cars, and supplies of cars, but part of reestablishing  of the country, and getting them back on its feet will be the Japanese auto industry.  The initial estimates are $100 billion in damage, and the death toll continues to rise.  Thousands of people are missing. Watching the amount of destruction on TV is shocking. Its like videos of the worst tornado possible with all of the wooden houses in some areas just leveled.

Nissan is closing its Tochigi assembly plant and an engine plant – both in the quake zone--at least through Friday. Elsewhere in the country, it is closing four assembly plants and one engine factory through at least Wednesday. The company wouldn't say how many units of production it expects to lose or how its U.S. exports may be affected.
Tochigi is the Nissan GT-R production plant, and several of the members of the NAGTROC forums  visited the plant during the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2009.

Autoblog is reporting that power outages have brought production plants to a halt, and many are staying closed due to supplier issues, and allowing families to reconnect.

News from Adam in Japan

With all the horrific news coming out of Japan, today I did receive the following message from Adam, one of our Authors from Japan:

Hello everyone,
Would like to start by thanking many of you for your kind check up on myself and Japan.  Wife and I are doing just fine.  And the friends we have up north have left already this past Saturday.  Well clear of the disaster area.  
Last Friday was a true nightmare for me personally.  Never ever in my years on this planet have I experience an event like this.  And to think Yokohama had just a little taste of tremor activity.  Through out this week there are scheduled power outages.  Starting today at 3pm respectively and lasting to 7pm at night.  
The nations major concerns right now are sorting out the Nuclear trouble at the Fukushima power stations, search, rescue & clean up of all the prefectures invovled.  
To clear up something important here, the explosions seen on Saturday at one of the reactors was caused by a hydrogen gas build up.  Many believe it to be a complete failure but it was not.  A complete failure would have lead to a greater explosion than viewed on TV.  Shortly around this time some gas was released into the atmosphere and the authorities are stating its at such a low level it would be unharmful to anyone.  Yet they still seem to have 20 odd workers that were in direct contact with the radioactive gas.  I honestly do not fully believe TEPCO officials.  They after all have a bad wrap for covering up troubles.  And what's even more worrying is that the one power station is about 40 years old.  Just this past February the 10year extended license on the factory expired.  
Lastly here, business is still a go. But for all those with orders in right now, there will be some delays with shipping goods out of the country and receiving from suppliers here in Japan.  Just yesterday some packages were returned that were on route to North Part of Japan.  Can't get in contact with the Japanese customers either.  Its a bit worrisome in knowing they may or may not contact back.  
Thank you again to everyone showing concerns.  God be with you!
Best wishes, Adam 

I'd like ask everyone to keep positive thoughts in their minds, and wish everyone in Japan a safe recovery.

Ignition Coil pack Testing

From Nissan Service manual page EN-248

Many miss-fire problems with the RB26 motor can be attributed to the ignition system, as part of the procedure for determining a miss-fire cause, it's a good idea to inspect the coil packs. If you don't know how to get the coils out of the engine, follow my guide for Compression Testing up to the point where you have the coils out. From there you need a multi-meter, you're hoping to see a resistance between 0.6 and 0.9 Ohms, anything outside this range means the coil-pack is finished and is likely causing spark issues.

Track Day with Skyline GTRs & GTSTs +one Crazy AE86

Track Day with Skyline GTRs & GTSTs
Track Day with Skyline GTRs & GTSTs

This is a Teaser that a good friend of mine made for us, he's working on a feature length film with me and we're about a year into it, since we're both very busy we only manage to work on it every so often. Peter M. Really does some incredible work and I cannot give enough praise! Have a look at some of the other videos from his Vimeo channel: Peter M. on Vimeo.

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Test video and simple teaser

This is a short clip I put together last summer before we actually started filming for the the feature film (currently in process). Although my editing skills are not very good in this clip, I still think it has some nice footage you all might enjoy :)

Professional Fuel Injector Cleaner

Today I made the trip out to the western part of the Montreal island, to a shop in Pointe-Claire, Lew Dieselec. They're a small shop with a handful of talented employees that specialize in fuel pumps and fuel injectors, mainly from gigantic vehicles like front-end loaders, trains/locomotives and heavy farm equipment.

I met with Stan, who gave me a full run down of testing and cleaning a set of used injectors - My newly acquired second hand Densos' were the subjects of our testing (These Denso fuel injectors were to be used on the R32 Skyline GTR 400whp Build car).

I compiled this 6 minute video which shows all the steps briefly, including the flow pattern tests, and output tests, but I'll explain in detail below...

I suggest watching the video first, and then reading the rest of the article

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Fuel injectors are an integral component of any engine, they are the "nozzles" that squirt fuel into the combustion chamber, which results in a small explosion, forcing a piston down (or a rotor to rotate), resulting in power generation.

Why Flow test injectors?
It's a good idea to flow test any set of injectors that has been previously used, or sat on a shelf unused for an extended period of time. Fuel injectors have a small apparatus that

opens and shuts very many times per second, and if that part gets gummed up with debris from contaminated fuel, or anything at all, the fuel injectors can become blocked, defective and leaky. This is bad for everyone because it means the car will run less efficiently, consuming more fuel, adding extra strain to the engine and even polluting the environment. (See here for Dyno Tuning with these Injectors)
For anyone with a turbo powered car, a bad set of injectors, or even just one bad injector could spell disaster and the end of your engine! if you don't have enough fuel while on boost then the engine will have a lean condition in one or more cylinders and potentially cause detonation, leading to total engine failure. The ECU will attempt to correct it by forcing more fuel into the chamber, but if the injectors aren't working right in the first place, then things will just get worse.

Thats why it is important to have your injectors cleaned periodically. Since by now, most everyone will be thinking: "Thank god I picked up that can of fuel injector cleaner at the store for $5.99" I of course asked the expert his opinion on those products. "Garbage, absolute garbage" he said, they're completely worthless and won't clean a damn thing inside the injectors. worse than that, on some cars they may even cause leaks as the chemical additives can eat away at gaskets, seals and rubber hoses.

Really, the only way to clean an injector is to have it cleaned by a professional, who knows what they're doing.
Fuel Injectors
Denso 660cc Fuel Injectors
Well, we did just that, with this set of Denso 660 cc fuel injectors coming second hand from Japan, they made a prime candidate for cleaning and testing, before I put them in my own car.

The serial number associated with these units is: Denso: 195500-0610

The first thing we had to do was to remove the black paint from the casing. They use an ultra-sound machine to thoroughly clean them and apparently the paint has adverse reactions to the ultra-sound. So using a wire brush wheel Stan removed the paint from all 6 and then washed everything off in parts cleaner, and blew them dry with compressed air.
Denso Fuel Injectors
Then he proceeded with a visual inspection of the micro filter, which is situated at the inlet side of the injector, they are very small and almost impossible to see inside the casing, but this is what they look like brand new, up close.
Fuel Injector Filter
Fuel Injector micro filter
Once all the filters are checked, and pass inspection (any that don't are replaced with new ones of course) he replaced the O-rings with new ones. This is such a crucial step that most people over look when installing fuel injectors, new O-rings will mean the difference between a good and bad seal. The cost for 6 of them is nearly negligible, so just replace them!
Fuel Injector O Ring
Injectors with new O-rings
Then, he installed the rig adapters onto each injector
Placing each injector in the rig, getting ready for the first set of tests
Fuel simulator for testing purposes
Fuel Injector Plug
Then he cleaned off any corrosion on the plug connections and secured the rig into position
Plugged the injectors into the wiring harness, and setup the machine
We ran through the first test, a spray pattern test. He awarded a rating of "Fair" only, because the spray wasn't as good as it could have been. The next test was a leak test, where the injectors are supplied with fuel but expected to remain closed and not leak.
Stan inspecting the injectors for leaks during the leak test
Up next was the volumetric flow test, usually he lets a set of injectors run for 30 seconds and then measure how much output it has had in that 30 second period. You're looking for all the injectors to have pretty much the same volumetric output (this is known as balance), and the output rate per minute can be obtained by multiplying the volume by 2.

Unfortunately because these are 660 cc injectors, they were flowing Three Times as much as the injectors that he's used to testing, so it filled up the cylinder very quickly. I also noticed the pressure he was running was near 37 PSI, so the fact that the pressure was different than what Denso suggested for testing (around 45 PSI) I knew that any static flow rate numbers we would get wouldn't truly represent what these injectors are capable of. Flow rates have everything to do with fuel pressure, if you have a lower pressure fuel supply, you can expect a lower flow rate, on the contrary, its common for people to increase their fuel pressure during tuning to squeeze more out of injectors also.

But that's ok, cause we weren't here to verify the rating of the injectors, just to make sure that they're operating properly, and that they are balanced within reason amongst themselves.

So, all that to say that the numbers we obtained for flow rates are Nominal rates, meaning they are not the real usage flow rates, but instead just what ever the injectors happen to flow using the lower pressure, and smaller time slots (15 ~ 20 seconds) so the cylinders didn't overflow.
Fuel Injector Flow Testing
First test results
No leaks, a Fair spray pattern and the following Nominal flow rates adjusted for a standardized time period:

  1. 125
  2. 122
  3. 120
  4. 121
  5. 120
  6. 120
So we've now established our baseline measurements. Next comes cleaning, this involves a 20 minute chemical bath inside of the ultra-sound machine, while hooked up to the wiring harness, which forces the solenoids' to open and close while bathing.
Fuel Injector UltraSound Cleaning
The result was a chalky white fluid leaking out from the injectors, and small dirt particles which began to float around. After the full 20 minutes was up, the water had turned from a clear liquid to a murky brown pond, seemingly filled with scum. I guess they were dirty after all... but theres only one way to know for sure if the cleaning made any difference in the end.

Second Test Results
the injectors went back into the rig where Stan re-performed the spray, leak and flow tests.
Fuel Injector Spray Pattern
The result was notably better, while there were still no leaks, the spray pattern had improved enough to warrant a grade of "Good", which is better than "Fair". But the true test of improvement would be the flow results; again using the same Nominal scale and standardized measurements we obtained the following results:
  1. 125 Increased to: 164 
  2. 122 Increased to: 160
  3. 120 Increased to: 158
  4. 121 Increased to: 158
  5. 120 Increased to: 158
  6. 120 Increased to: 159
Which is an astonishing 32% improvement overall.
Needless to say, the injectors must have been dirty inside, and the numbers speak for themselves, cleaning and testing resulted in a 31% increase in flow rate, an improved atomization spray pattern, and no leaks. 

We numbered the injectors in order of flow rates, so that I could put the highest flowing injector in # 6 cylinder to combat the common lean condition with the oem RB26 intake manifold. (If you're working on your engine, you might be interested in this article: Complete Turbo Swap Guide and Engine Externals Overhaul.

All in all I was very pleased with the quality of service, and the results. Never under-estimate the power of having your injectors cleaned and tested, it usually will make a difference.

Spool Imports: RB34DET Monster Engine

With permission from Spool Imports, I present to you, their take on an RB34DET motor.

Block Preparation
Due to the huge stroke, the block needs to be clareanced to allow the conrods to rotate without fouling on the cylinder block. Leaving 50 thou of clearance allows for stretch at high rpm.