Japan: Ruddel Sports 16V

Following yesterdays hot find, there was one more. But this time based around a well known VW shop within the Matsuyama city limits.

This Golf GTI was built several years ago. Built to compete in a Euro race series up at Okayama Circuit though has made some short appearances at small tracks around Shikoku Island.

The body on this car has been lightened up big time with reproduction Carbon Kevlar front, rear bumpers, front fenders, FRP bonnet and finally extremely lightweight high quality acrylic side and rear glass. Final total weight around 850KG. Now that is super light!

The 16V has been well tuned as seen. Originally all parts were brought in from Germany and assembled at the Ruddel shop. Net power is said to be around 260PS at the motor. Werent these cars like 150 out of the box...wow!

Finally the cockpit. This car is as fierce inside as it looks under the hood. Fitted with a cage, dry carbon door panel covers, plated foot-well, Sparco race seats and more. So many ideas have popped into my head since viewing this car. I think the Silvia is getting a few extra's soon :-)


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