Top Gear [UK] Troubled by Tesla Motors - And... some Street Racing.

In this article published by Wired, they explain how Telsa Motors' new super electric car, was being cast in an unfair light by the famed Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear [UK]. I personally watched that episode a few weeks ago and recall being disappointed myself with the way Jeremy Handled it. To me, the Tesla super electric car (a super-car, powered by electricity) represents something fantastic, a leap in a direction that has been ignored by the racing community for long enough.
Tesla Motors is suing for damages, as they say they continue to receive calls from customers and investors asking about these so called "problems with the car" that Clarkson reported. In reality there were no problems with the car, it performs flawlessly and has an immense amount of power.

I believe the filing of the suit is more of a publicity stunt and awareness measure to let the public know Top Gear's report wasn't 100% truthful, and that Tesla Motors cars are working as they should be. Tesla must surely know that by allowing Top Gear to test one of their cars, they are subjecting it to the opinions of the writers and Clarkson himself, none of which can (I believe) be held libel for damages in court, especially because the BBC will likely say Top Gear is an entertainment show, and not necessarily and exclusively a non-fiction news reporting entity.

So I guess we'll see in the coming episodes if Clarkson Apologizes or not, it would be nice to see a fair test of the car though as it does look promising

For your enjoyment... The Latest from 1320 Films: TX2K11 - 1300 - 1500 TT Lambo's Vs. 300hp Busa, 1100hp TT Viper Vs. 1200hp Supra... This video speaks for itself. Watch in HD if you can!


  1. Ugh, I like the guys from Top Gear, but they can be really annoying.

  2. I drove a Roadster Sport a couple weeks ago. Took some video. I need to edit it together. It was fast 0-60. Just cruised on the street, so I didn't get a chance to try and go much faster.

  3. how did the roadster compare to your expectations of it? it's essentially an elise right?


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