Swaybars, Seats and How To Guides

With the help of a friend today I finally had time to tie up a lot of the loose ends I've been working on. I started off by doing a little write up on a very basic subject that I've had some requests for, so consider those requests fulfilled! Jacking the car up off the ground, here's the write up: How-To: Jack Lift the Car up, and support it with jack stands. Which has also been added to the How To guides section on the right for easy access.
Next I installed some new R34 seats into my R32, not exactly direct swap, but I got it sorted in the end. I've added this whole new bit to my full build story here: Second GTR Build Story
Lastly, I finished the write up on swaybars, understeer and oversteer, including a section on installing new ones here: How To: Swaybars, Understeer and Oversteer Explained


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