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Introducing: The Meanest Looking Custom Built Skyline R34 GTR 1/7th Scale Remote Control RC Car

Passion, It's the thing that drives us to achieve. The push we feel to dare to dream something, ideal, and then manifest that vision into reality. For anyone who's ever fallen head over heels into an engine bay, or body work, or getting your car track ready, YOU KNOW that feeling that drives you to customize and make things as you feel they should be. Your intuition is second to none.  RC Car Skyline GTR R34 Custom Built Remote Control Car This GTR is no different from any of the other incredible cars featured on this site ( just look around; there's red ones , blue ones , silver ones , white ones , black ones ) - except for one, small, detail. - It's 1/7th the size! You wouldn't be able to fit inside it, but it still rips around like a GTR should, and is a whole lot of fun to drive I'm sure, and the customization on this build is phenomenal.  Nissan Skyline GTR RC Car Rear End Spotted on the RC sub, user XJuggernaut101 shared their build story with us of ho

Honda Civic Autocross and 230 WHP

Modified Honda Civic Custom

Last year at one of our Thursday Night Meets at Montréals' Orange Julep I came across one Mr. Hugo, owner of a very sharp looking Honda Civic. I thought it had a little more to it then what meets the eye so I asked for a few more details... Hugo began listing off the Civic Spec List and we conversed back and forth between French and English where I began to learn more and more about the time and effort it takes to make a truly formidable Autocross vehicle, and here's a bit of that conversation:
Modified Honda Civic Custom

I started by asking when Hugo had bought the car?
I bought the car in 2002, it was completely stock. This is a Special Edition which in 2002 had 27000 km on the clock, so only one winter with the previous driver.
J'ai acheté l'auto en 2002, elle était complètement d'origine. C'est une Spécial Édition qui avait en 2002 27000km au compteur, donc un seul hiver.

Modified Honda Civic Custom

Hugo then went on to tell me a bit about the history of the car...
From 2003 to 2005, the car had suspension done (Koni yellow) with springs (race Newspeed), a set of sway bars from Suspension Technique and finally I converted the drum brakes to disc brakes at the rear. In 2005, the car had 55000 km on the stock engine and the 1.6 liter had been replaced by a 1.8 liter engine from Japan (JDM B18C Type R).
De 2003 à 2005, l'auto avait une suspension (koni yellow) avec spring (newspeed race spring), un ensemble de sway-bar de Suspension Technique et j’ai réalisé la conversion de freins à tambours pour freins à disque à l’arrière.En 2005, l'auto avait 55000 km et le moteur d'origine 1,6 litres a été remplacé par un moteur 1.8 litres en provenance du japon (B18C JDM Type R).

interior Modified Honda Civic Custom

From 2005 to 2008, all parts from an OEM EK9 Civic Type R had been purchased to be installed on the vehicle. That is to say the seats, carpet, cluster, door trim, rear spoiler, front and rear lip, brakes system, CTR wheels, the front grille and front headlights. In 2008, I repainted the vehicle to fix stone chips and the new aesthetic components (mirror, and lip spoiler). In 2009, major changes were made; I replaced the 1.8 liter Type R engine with a 2.0-liter type R (JDM K20A Type R). The suspension was replaced with TEIN N1, the Type R calipers had been replaced by SPOON 4 pistons, all bushings, ball joint and tie-rods were replaced. Magnaflow exhaust line was replaced by RS * R and Mugen Twin Loop.
De 2005 à 2008, toutes les pièces OEM d'une Civic type R EK9 on été acheté pour être installé sur le véhicule. C’est-à-dire les sièges, tapis, console centrale, cluster, trim de porte, aileron arrière, lip avant et arrière, système de freinage, roues, ainsi que la grille avant et les lumières. En 2008, j’ai repeint le véhicule pour éliminé les stone chip et pour peinturer les nouvelles composantes esthétiques (miroir, lip et aileron)En 2009, des changements majeurs ont été réalisé, j’ai remplacé le moteur 1,8 litres type R par un moteur 2,0 litres type R (K20a JDM Type R). La suspension a été remplacé par Tein N1, les caliper Type R ont été remplacé par des SPOON 4 pistons, les bushings, ball joint and tie-rods ont été remplacé. La ligne d’exhaust Magnaflow a été remplacée par RS*R et Mugen Twin Loop.
Honda Civic Engine Type R Modified

Rather impressed with the level of work, quality and attention to details, I asked which shop he's been using for his work?
I always made ​​my changes by myself, except when installing the first engine in 2005. Now the car has 120000km, no winter, always in heated garage and a full list of changes follows this article.
J'ai toujours effectué mes modifications par moi-même, sauf lors de l'installation du premier moteur en 2005. Maintenant, l’auto a 120000km, aucun hiver, toujours dans un garage chauffé et la liste complète des modifications suit le présent article
Modified Honda Civic Type R Engine

Are you sponsored by anyone?
I've never had private sponsors. However, I am a member of CADL (Club Des Laurentides Autoslalom) that this association has sponsors and allows competitors to obtain the best deal on parts.
Je n’ai jamais eu de commanditaires privés. Cependant, je suis membre du CADL (Club Autoslalom Des Laurentides) qui cette association possède des commanditaires et permettent aux compétiteurs d’obtenir des meilleurs pris sur des pièces.

Modified Honda Civic Custom

What events do you compete in?
So far, I am a member of CADL since 2003 and have always been ranked in the top three positions.
Jusqu’à présent, je suis membre du CADL depuis 2003 et j’ai toujours été classé dans les trois premières positions.

Modified Honda Civic Custom carbon

With this level of modification, are you still driving the car on the street?
Yes, I drive the car on the road. However the car isn't really comfortable. The suspension is so stiff, we're talking about 900 lbs/In for back and 700 lbs/In springs for the front. In addition to the stiff suspension, tires are very wide (225) which creates additional resistance on the wheel and the car tries to follow the defects of the road. Finally, I made a special alignment for autocross to handle better at very high speeds. Indeed, the car is toe-out at back. Finally, the car is noisy and no radio. So in reality the car is only used for autocross, but still legal to drive on the roads.
Oui, je conduis l’auto sur la route. Cependant l’auto n’est vraiment confortable. La suspension est tellement rigide, on parle de 900 lbs / in pour en arrière et 700 lbs/in pour les ressorts en avant. En plus de cette suspension rigide, les pneus sont très large (225) ce qui crée une résistance supplémentaire sur le volant et l’auto cherche à suivre les défauts de la route. Finalement, j’ai fait un alignement spécialement pour l’Autoslalom rendant l’auto installe à très grande vitesse. En effet, l’auto est two-out à l’arrière. Finalement, l’auto est bruyante et sans radio. Donc, en réalité l’auto ne sert que pour l’Autoslalom, mais toujours légal pour circuler sur les routes.
Modified Honda Civic Custom

So how does road driving this beast compare to letting her loose on the track?
The major difference is, it’s virtually impossible to appreciate the car on the road because of various reasons listed above. I think with my experience in cars tuning, you can’t choose more vocations for your car and not have to make some trade-offs. A car for the road is not a track car; a show car is not a daily drive car.
La différence est majeure, il est pratiquement impossible d’apprécier l’auto sur la route à cause des différentes raisons énumérées plus haut. À mon avis, avec l’expérience que j’ai en tuning automobile, il est impossible de choisir plusieurs vocations à l’auto et les compromis n’existent pas. Une voiture pour les routes n’est pas une voiture de pistes, une voiture d’exposition n’est pas une voiture daily drive.

Recaro Modified Honda Civic Custom

Gotta ask... Have you ever had any accidents on the track/street with this car?
On the track I've had a few moments of loss-of-control, but fortunately never collided with anything solid. Such losses of control are normal in autocross because the track is designed to validate a driver's agility and limit speeds making the event accessible to all. So to ensure this requirement, several turns are required and ensure that the driver must be agile and determined between braking and acceleration.
Sur la piste j'ai fait plusieurs perte de contrôle, mais sans toute fois frappé un objet. Ces pertes de contrôle sont normales en Autoslalom parce que la piste est conçue pour valider l'agilité du conducteur et limiter les grandes vitesses rendant les événements accessibles à tous. Donc, pour assurer cette exigence, plusieurs virages sont requis et font en sorte que le conducteur doit être agile et dosé entre freinage et accélération.

Modified Honda Civic Custom

So, what does the future hold for your Civic?
I would like to convert the 2.0 liter K20 engine for a 2.4 liter K24. I am still in a dilemma if I make this conversion in a rather moderate or aggressive way. This dilemma is directly related to the compression ratio and the type of gasoline. I will if I use a moderate rate of compression 12.5: 1 with gasoline with an octane rating of 94 and I will be aggressive if I use a compression rate of 13, 5: 1 with gasoline with an octane rating of 105. You will understand that the cost of these two scenarios is the same, only the gasoline will cost more than double.
J’aimerais convertir le moteur K20 2,0litres pour un K24 2,4 litres. Je suis encore en dilemme si j’effectue cette conversion de façon modéré ou plutôt agressif. Ce dilemme est directement en lien avec le taux de compression et le type d’essence. Je serai modéré si j’utilise un taux compression 12,5 :1 avec de l’essence ayant un indice d’octane de 94 et je serai agressif si j’utilise un taux compression de 13 ,5 :1 avec de l’essence ayant un indice d’octane de 105. Vous comprendrez que le coût du de ces deux scénarios est le même, seul l’essence coûtera plus du double.

Best of luck Hugo, congratulations on the properly done Civic.
Complete Spec list here
Modified Honda Civic Type R Engine

  • K20A JDM type R Head
  • S2000 exhaust valves
  • Planed, ported exhaust head
  • K20A JDM type R Block 
  • HASPORT Ekk2 supports engine
  • HONDATA Kpro - tuned 230wph
  • HYBRID RACING adaptor Harness special swap 96-00
  • Custom Baffled oil pan
  • KARCEPTS engineered solution Shifter plate
  • KOYO Aluminum radiator dual core
  • OBX Light weight Power Steering pulley - red
  • K-TUNED aluminum alternator pulley
  • K-TUNED Clamp radiator hose
  • Password:JDM radiator bracket - red
  • SPOON oil cap


  • JDM Accord Type R RBC intake manifold oversized to 70mm
  • BDL 70mm throttle body
  • KARCEPTS engineered solution 70mm Adaptor plate and gasket
  • HONDATA thermo intake gasket
  • AEM air filter


  • ELDELBROCK fuel pressure regulator
  • GOLDEN EAGLE Pro-series high flow fuel rail
  • EARLS in-line fuel filter 
  • B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge


  • SPOON Final Drive 5.06:1
  • KAAZ Slip Differential LSD 1.5 way
  • THE DRIVESHAFT SHOP AXLES Stage 0 - 32mm bolts


  • RS*R mid Pipe 2.38'' - civic 96-00
  • MUGEN Twin loop Exhaust 2.38'' - Civic 96-00
  • Header 4-2-1 wrapped

  • JDM Civic Type R front and rear assembly brake kit
  • JDM Civic Type R rear calipers 
  • SPOON twin block Caliper
  • JDM Civic Type R cables hand brake
  • JDM RSX (Integra TYPE R in Japan) master cylinder, 1.0625 inch diameter
  • JDM RSX (Integra TYPE R in Japan) booster
  • RUSSELL Braided stainless flex lines brake
  • Chasebaysonline.com - Stainless Braided Teflon Coated 3an Brakeline Kit
  • BREMBO discs 
  • HAWKS HP+ 
  • MOTUL racing brake fluid, RBF 600


  • TEIN N1 Suspension with aluminum casing 
  • Spring has been replaced by Eibach 700lbs/in front and 900 lbs/in rear
  • USDM Integra Type R Rear 22mm sway bar
  • JDM Integra Type R Front 24mm sway bar 
  • BEAKS reinforcement adapter for sway bar
  • SUSPENSION TECHNIQUE front bushing
  • SKUNK2 Pro-Series Front camber kit 
  • MOOG Tie-rod 
  • BLOX rear camber kit

  • Civic Type R, Powder Coated White
  • Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.1, color Anthracite
  • Volks Racing Rays Engineering, TE-37, Custom paint flat black, blood lip
  • Gram Light, 57C, Silver
  • 4 hubs spacers in Aluminum T6 
  • ARP Extended Stud with Kics Project Muteki extended lug nuts 
  • TOYO PROCESS R1R 225/45/16 
  • HOOSIER A6 225/45/15 - re
  • HOOSIER A6 275/35/15 - fr


  • JDM Civic Type R front RECARO seats
  • JDM Civic Type R rear black suede seats
  • JDM Civic Type R floor mats
  • JDM Civic Type R carpets
  • JDM Civic Type R cluster
  • JDM Civic Type R electric windows/doors w/o control units switch
  • JDM Civic Type R controller unit switch Left and USDM Civic Si-SIR for the right one
  • JDM Civic Type R shifter boot with the red stitches
  • JDM Civic Type R hand brake trim
  • JDM Civic Type Rx Pedals set
  • JDM Integra type R 6 speeds ball shifter 
  • TAKATA driver side long harness MPH-341 
  • TAKATA short and long eye bolts
  • BRIDE Cloth fabric on roof and sun visor
  • AUTOPOWER 4 points roll cage, bolted
  • Momo Tuner Steering wheel 350mm with red stitching
  • OMP Lower seat brackets
  • OMP seat rails


  • JDM Civic Type R front lower lip
  • JDM Civic Type R front grill
  • JDM Civic Type R headlight
  • JDM Civic Type R city light
  • JDM Civic Type R taillight
  • JDM Civic Type R rear upper spoiler 
  • JDM Civic Type R rear bumper with the lower lip
  • JDM Civic Type R side marker
  • JDM Civic Type R electric mirror 
  • JDM Civic Type R red Honda emblems
  • JDM Civic Type R passenger and driver windows (smoke)
  • JDM Civic Type R thin side molding
  • JDM Civic Type R stickers (side and back)
  • JDM Civic molding of windows
  • Password:JDM windshield banner
  • SEIBON carbon hood fiber
  • X-Vitres teintées Tinted windows
  • SPOON stickers
  • ADVAN stickers
  • Honda Civic 99-00 yellow fogs lights


  • Integra Type R 98-01 Front Cross-member
  • Integra Type R 98-01 Front Lower control arm 
  • Password:JDM PCI sherical Bearing for trailing arm
  • Password:JDM tie bar 4 points – Rear upper
  • Password:JDM tie bar 3 points – Front upper
  • ASR Subframe
  • BEAKS Tie bar gold - Lower rear
  • SKUNK 2 rear lower control arm gold


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