Japan: Deserted Spec Race Cars

Since leaving the Kanto region last Friday, Ive been forced to put a lot of business on hold. And with holds comes a lot of spare time.

Today for instance, while out for a ride in near by Masaki town in Ehime prefecture, there I spotted a group of abandoned spec race cars which were once raced locally by a small group called No ah Racing. Here is their Minkara Blog Blog includes some of there newer spec race cars being run these days.

These little machines all seemed to be well built. All gutted to minimize weight, including lexan acrylic windows, through the dash roll cages and so on.

Personally, I believe that these were the popular hot hatch models back in the day. Perhaps even to this day a little.

For now, have a look at these gems. I will for sure keep on looking for more in Japan.