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Today I collected my Steering boss adapter from the post office, and I got right into the installation of the new steering wheel on my R32. It's a pretty quick and easy job, so I wrote up another how to guide right here: R32 GTR Steering Wheel Replacement Guide. I felt the guide was needed because when I searched the web for another guide I came across many threads discussing how people tried all kinds of interesting techniques to free the wheel from the column.
Installed Momo Champion Steering Wheel and HICAS Boss

Of course, I also added this to my on going build story: Second GTR Build Story
One person even explained how he'd destroyed his steering wheel because he tore apart the steering wheel, and removed all the stuffing and wrapping only searching for what must have been holding it in place. Turns out theres a simple trick to getting it free, anyways the new one just feels so much better, more solid, less old and looks a lot nicer in my opinion.

As for the website, we have yet another new banner, and back to the old color scheme, I hope this will please our audience more than the last one did. A number of people had told me it was too colorful, lol.


  1. I like this color scheme better. Thanks. The last one was way too colorful for a car site.


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