Steering Wheel Removal, Swap, Aftermarket Upgrade and Replacement

Replacing the old worn out steering wheel is something, no doubt, a great many people will do during the course of their ownership with these vehicles. A good portion of those who do, will go the after-market route, and fit something similar to this Momo steering wheel. This is a job that won't take more than an hour or so, as long as you don't run in to any anomalies or unforeseen problems, which you shouldn't. I should also mention that this will suit R32's with out air bags, if you have an airbag you must follow a different approach. This covers using a HICAS Boss adapter to install the new wheel, which is necessary to maintain HICAS function.
Momo Aftermarket Steering Wheel 352 mm
Momo Champion 352mm Steering Wheel
Always disconnect the battery before working on the car as usual, and for this procedure, you must make sure the wheels of the car are pointed perfectly straight before you begin. The first step to fitting your new wheel is to remove the old one, now theres much need for a lot of words when a series of photos will handle the explanation significantly better than words ever could.
Removing Old Steering Wheel
using a flat screwdriver, pry out the horn button
Socket Wrench to Unbolt Steering Wheel
Using a 19mm ratchet loosen (do not remove) the nut, leave 3 threads on
Screwdriver remove Screws Steering Wheel
Unscrew the earthing screw for the wires inside
It's at this point, you can sit back in the drivers seat, extend both arms to the wheel. With hands position at 10 O'clock and 2 O'clock, pull first with your right arm, then your left, alternating back and forth until you feel the steering wheel shake loose. You leave the nut on from before so that you don't smack yourself in the face with the wheel while you're pulling it off.

Now you can remove that 19mm nut and slide the wheel slowly forward.
Horn Sensor Wire on Steering Wheel
Disconnect the power for the horn, from behind the wheel
Steering Wheel Removed unbolted
The whole steering wheel is now removed, this is what you should see
If your boss adapter kit didn't include a wiring harness, you can remove the old one like so.
Steering Wheel Boss Adapter Kit
With the new Boss, connect the horn wire first, then slide the boss over the spindle
Steering Wheel Boss Adapter Wires
The black wire just connected was the power lead, for the ground you can wrap some open wire around the spindle and secure it in place using the 19mm spindle nut, this will make a complete circuit for the horn. Tighten down the 19mm now. 
Steering Wheel Boss Adapter line up
connect the power to the main lead, and the ground to the earth, place the horn in the center.
Using the screws provided with the boss kit or the steering wheel, secure the 6 screws, making sure to place the wheel completely straight. I wasn't fortunate enough to have the correct screws with me, so I had to use #10-32 x 1" (imperial) which is essentially the same as the M5x0.8 x 20mm screws usually required, either ones will work. So, with the horn lined up, and the Momo wheel lined up, secure the round horn bezel with the 6 screws into the boss adapter. 

The steering wheel is now securely mounted, and should function properly.
Aftermarket steering Wheel Installed
A job well done