World Challenge Video: MOTEC Dash Display

This weekend, while moving the R34 GT-R, the red car, I shot this video of the Motec dash.  The car was in the race rig, so it gets a little bit of a weird echo.  It had been a few years since it ran.  I love the throttle response, and exhaust note of an unmuffled inline six cylinder engine.
Motec Dash Display Motec System Exhaust
Yes that switch says "Motec system exhaust"
The engine is fairly stock inside. 580 whp the last time on the dyno. There are some tricks. Titanium exhaust from the turbo outlet tubes back. No mufflers or resonators anywhere. Read more about this World Challenge race car in: R34 Skyline GTR SCCA World Challenger Story
R34 Skyline GTR Titanium Exhaust
Dusty R34 Skyline GT-R