Watch This Unbelievable Advertisment for this 1996 Suzuki Vitara #BuyMyVitara

#BuyMyVitara Suzuki For Sale
When it comes time to sell your car, the average person would just toss an add up on Craigslist or Kijiji and be done with it (Read up on what to watch out for with our Second Hand Car Buyers Guide). But this 1996 Suzuki Vitara owner, has gone above and beyond to demonstrate the joy and adventure this car has seen, really creating a persona for the car that likens back to the time of the original Jurassic Park movies... maybe that's because they come from similar years... regardless of age though, this advertisement video the owner has made to help sell the Vitara is beyond exceptional. Take a look at the video below: #BuyMyVitara

Fantastic scenery, adventure and cunning, show this incredible piece of machinery careening through scenes of mud, dirt, jungle, forest and then on top of a mountain overlooking a serious waterfall... In the desert miles from civilization, racing against a cheetah, and then... Running with the dinosaurs? evading a T-Rex as it makes a velociraptor into lunch?
Suzuki Vitara in Jurassic Park

Heading into a sky-high dust storm where he finds the Mad Max crew and races against that Mad Max GT Coupe...
Mad Max Suzuki Vitara

On to the peaks of a snowy mountain outracing an avalanche, down into the ocean swimming with the sharks, off into space and landing on the MOON, and blasting in from the past in a very "Back to the Future" style entrance. what an incredible car...

or rather, incredible video advert.
Snow avalanche Suzuki Vitara

One thing's for sure, this owner has loved this car dearly, and the new owner will have a hard time living up to the adventurous tone set by the seller, Good Luck With Sale! Here's some of specs:

235/75R15 Offroad Tires
1.6 L Injected engine
96 Horse Power
Manual Transmission
Android media center with 4 speakers

Suzuki Vitara For Sale #BuyMyVitara
Suzuki Vitara For Sale #BuyMyVitara


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