VIDEO: Mighty Car Mods Feature Length Movies: Kei to the City and Turbos and Temples

The two head to Japan where they browse through a used car lot, after checking out a stunning R32 GTR that was heavily modded, they settle on a "scrapped" all wheel drive turbo Daihatsu... from 1989.

They head to Up Garage to source some upgrades for the little kei car. Then its on to The 88's drift car builders yard where they get schooled in everything you ever wanted to know about drift culture, remember;

It's more important how the car functions, than how it looks! But the appearance is still considered one of the three important factors; the cars need to look good, it has to look good while driving it, and it has to have the power to win.

With this in mind, many of the cars do look quite rough, but that should be expected when you're throwing a machine like these around a track at breakneck speed, sideways.

This is a follow up to their previously released Turbos and Temples, another great video.