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Introducing: The Meanest Looking Custom Built Skyline R34 GTR 1/7th Scale Remote Control RC Car

Passion, It's the thing that drives us to achieve. The push we feel to dare to dream something, ideal, and then manifest that vision into reality. For anyone who's ever fallen head over heels into an engine bay, or body work, or getting your car track ready, YOU KNOW that feeling that drives you to customize and make things as you feel they should be. Your intuition is second to none.  RC Car Skyline GTR R34 Custom Built Remote Control Car This GTR is no different from any of the other incredible cars featured on this site ( just look around; there's red ones , blue ones , silver ones , white ones , black ones ) - except for one, small, detail. - It's 1/7th the size! You wouldn't be able to fit inside it, but it still rips around like a GTR should, and is a whole lot of fun to drive I'm sure, and the customization on this build is phenomenal.  Nissan Skyline GTR RC Car Rear End Spotted on the RC sub, user XJuggernaut101 shared their build story with us of ho

The authorized biography an Audi S4: A farewell

Here's a story from the owner of a 13 year old, beautiful Audi S4. He reminisces about buying the car, maintaining it's minty condition and enjoying it on weekends regardless of the weather, being an S4 this car excels where others might shy away, and finally the time to consider parting ways and finding a new owner for the car who will care for it as well. Having gone through a similar series of emotions with my own 'old car', right down to finding a justified new owner, this story just rings so clear of the passion we all have for these things. Farewell.
Audi S4
"I'm about to meet a few prospective buyers for my B5 S4. I'm moving to the city and will no longer have a garage, or the time to give it the attention a 13 year old car needs and deserves. I want to honor it by telling its story to some people who will sympathize.

The car was a huge landmark in my life. I fell in love with the S4 in college. Who doesn't love a twin turbo V6? The styling is so subtle. It looked like a regular A4 to the masses. This isn't a chick magnet. It's not a traffic light Civic-racer. But to those who knew what to look for it garnered its due respect and love.
Series B5 Audi S4 Blue
Years later at my first job I had the dealer catalog page cut out and hung above my desk. The Nogaro Blue S4 photoshopped into some impossible track maneuver. After a few years, it seemed like maybe it was too late. It was 2007, and 2002 cars were tricky to come by, especially in any useable form- the S4 was so easy to tune it encouraged reckless hoonage and 6-figure odometers.
In passing conversation I mention I'm looking for an Audi and a coworker says "my friend is selling his A4." I ask for the details and he says "it's the twin turbo V6." I said, "No it's not." He said "Yes it is."
Audi S4 Rims
Long story short, I meet this adorable elderly couple- the husband a retired surgeon with a penchant for sports cars, they had leased and then bought the S4 in 2000. The wife was driving it to the grocery store and parking it in the garage. I scored a 7 year old S4 with 39k miles on it.
I made the decision to keep my Pontiac Sunfire to preserve the value of the lucky score I made. It was the best decision of my life. All week long I could sit in traffic in the Sunfire, park it, and then put on my weekend persona and get in the S4.
Audi S4 Interior
The car is perfect- it fits me like a glove. The right type of mindset understands a tool that is an extension of yourself. Every control in the right place and the right position. The seating position and controls were so effortless I could lose track of myself and the car and I would become one.
Audi S4 Leather Seats
And the AWD- if you've never experienced the joy of a torsen differential in the snow, then you are missing out on one of the biggest joys of driving- there's nothing like the feeling of a perfectly controlled 4-wheel drift around an exit ramp. I was the only maniac pulling my shiny sports car OUT of the garage when it snowed.
Audi S4 Front Bumper

Now many years later, my daily driver is more tolerable and my living situation is changing, so I have to move on. Besides, 13 years is a long time, perfectly preserved or not there are things that get old. The Nav system which can only navigate 1/6th of the country at a time; listening to my iPhone through a cassette tape adapter; the dashboard display losing 1 line of pixels at a time until it's almost unreadable. It's age is showing.
The car represented a stage of my life, a goal achieved and a welcome into adulthood. I'll never forget the love of driving it gave me.
Audi S4
... I just showed the car to a good hearted young dude who was super enthusiastic about the condition. He's a German car fan, and he wants to keep it bone stock. He offered me cash and I want to sell it to him just because he'll be a good owner. My dad is yelling at me, "You're not selling a puppy, get the most you can for it." But I like this kid too much."