Porsche 944 Engine Rebuild and Overhaul

Tim Smith, the owner of this purple 1987 Porsche 944 saw fit to breathe new life into this car when he purchased it, the state of affairs both inside the car and engine area were less than desirable. But, by the time he was done with it, she looked like a brand new car again.

Read Tim's build story below and you'll be amazed at the transformation and attention to detail on this Porsche 944.
1987 Porsche 944 Original
My 944 when the day I bought it.

1987 Porsche 944 Original side
1987 Porsche 944 Original
1987 Porsche 944 Original Front
1987 Porsche 944 Original Rear
First pulled into the garage for timing belt/rollers/head gasket and misc other engine repairs/maintenance.
Porsche 944 Maintenance
Porsche 944 hood open
The interior exactly as I got it. Cracked dash, ripped seats, dirty carpets, etc...

Porsche 944 Interior Seats Ripped
Porsche 944 Front Seat
Passenger seat removed.

Porsche 944 Floor Carpet
Porsche 944 Passenger Seat
Trunk as bought.

Porsche 944 Interior Rear
Engine as bought. Started disassembly.

Porsche 944 Engine
Engine in garage, more disassembly.

Porsche 944 Engine Intake Manifold

Timing marks for reference.

Porsche 944 Engine Timing Gear Belt
Intake manifold removed.

Porsche 944 Intake Manifold Removed
Cam housing removed.

Porsche 944 Cam Housing
Porsche Intake Manifold and Cam CoverPorsche Valves and Cam Gear
Cylinder head removed.

Porsche Cylinder Head Removed
Porsche Cylinder Wall Engine Block
Porsche Engine Block
Cylinder head half sanded.

Porsche 944 Cylinder Head Sanding
Cylinder head sanded and cleaned massively.

Porsche 944 Cylinder Head Cleaned
Cylinder head back on after new head gasket.

Porsche 944 Cylinder Head Installed
Cam housing painted.

Porsche Cam Housing Painted
Cam housing and intake manifold painted.

Porsche Intake Manifold and Cam Housing Painted
 Intake manifold painted.

Porsche Intake Manifold Painted
Cam housing and intake manifold.

Porsche Cam Housing and Intake Manifold
Complete engine (forgot the fuel rail cover, but it's going back on).

Porsche Engine Rebuilt
After a wash and added fog lights.

Trunk carpet cleaned.

Finished interior (I washed the carpet but didn't vacuum in this shot, floor mats to come anyway


  1. Fantastic work. Would love to own one of these machines some day.


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