Custom modified Mazda RX7 - Zero F*cks Given Q&A

Drive channel released this video featuring an intriguing Franken-RX7; it has materials and features not normally associated with "nice" cars like dents, rust and peeling/faded clear coat or wood... But it's clear the genius is the details, the dirty gruesome details... Don't be fooled by the exterior, this beast rocks a 5L V8. She was created by a 19-year old Pizza delivery kid.

"It fuel starves on left turns at about 70-Ohms"

Only someone truly obsessed with the details could tell you something like that when asked why the fuel gauge isn't working, explaining it was replaced with a multi-meter instead. Corbin (the creator) did an AMA on Reddit; below are a couple of the most upvoted Questions & Answers.
  • You are a true petrolhead. Brofist.
    • Brofist back at you. Gas in my veins, gas in my brain!
  • How often do you get pulled over ?
    • Haven't yet, I drive fairly nicely on the streets (not canyon streets) and when i see a cop i go for fifth and cruise it. I have done a rolling 200 foot second gear burnout but that was for some hoons at a meet haha.
  • Working on starting a CrowdTilt to get you a turbo setup now. Tweet @DRIVE and let's make this happen.
    • I would love it, but I really badly need seats and a cage and flares before more power, the rest of the car would break haha.
  • Did something dramatic happen in your life or were you always a god amongst men? Because no mortal man can create such badassery.
    • Well one day I hatched from my egg atop mount olympus, and from that day on I knew I had to walk amongst men and improve the world. It's not easy but someone has to do it...
  • What was the most difficult aspect of the RX7 build? And had you done any auto work before this project?
    • I would say the immense amount of tinkering, just bending and fitting and finding parts and figuring out how to make things work, I could make a whole separate video about that. Also, having no lift and such it's a real pain to take everything apart on your driveway. I've done a good amount of work, my car story is a long and mostly fun.
  • What'd you do for dyno tuning? What kind of reactions do you get from Ford guys and Mazda guys?
    • For dyno tuning I went to racers edge tuning in Downey, and had to buy an SCT chip. It's a decent tune, opened another 30 wheel out of it so I'm at 330 wheel. Mostly people love it, at sevenstock even they thought it was pretty much the lols...