Hennessey Venom GT - Super Roadster

At first watch of the video, you're kind of like "hmm, that's cool" but then it hits you... wait a sec!...

That Lotus Exige just did 0-200 MPH in 15.3 Seconds, a Bugatti Veyron does that in 24.2 Seconds. How is this possible?
Hennessey Venom GT Lotus Exige
This is no ordinary Lotus Exige, the geniuses over at Hennessey (those guys who made an Escalade faster than a GT-R, in a straight line) created this Venom GT, and yes it did just go 0 to 230 MPH in less than 20 seconds!! This monster is powered by a 1,244 BHP Twin Turbo V8, delivered through a Ricardo MT-6.

The entire body is made of Carbon Fiber except the doors and the roof, when it comes to stopping power this demon sports nothing less then Brembo 6 pots on all 4 corners. This in car footage is just awesome, makes you wanna feel that power, so bad.