Spool Imports GT-R34 RB34 Engine 1070 AWHP

Back in March 2011 we posted about the insane Spool Imports RB34DET Monster Engine...
Spool Imports Skyline RB34DET Engine

Now we're finally able to follow up on this with some awesome results.
Spool powered this beast in the video below: A SPOOL RB34 Kit - 9000RPM - 83mm Precision Turbo - 1070AWHP - 34PSI - They even have a link to the build process and what's required here: How to build an RB34 Engine.

This one SPOOL RB34 Kit - 8200RPM - Garret T04Z - 610RWHP - 23PSI using 95mm billet 4340 RB30 stroker crank