Updates to the SkyLife

After selling my car this summer I took a short leave from the scene to allow my heart some time to heal. While I was sad to see the car go, I was happy it went to a good home. Needless to say this website has been just sort of "chilling"...
I've been watching the stats though and I could see that hundreds of people from all around the globe are still coming here for information, entertainment and help every day. So I felt again compelled to continue to improve the site.

You may have noticed the new layout design for the website; we've stream-lined the main page of the site to load faster and more efficiently across many browsers along with making mobile access from a smartphone much more enjoyable. There will be more changes to come in the months ahead,

we'll be refining the rest of the website to offer something that more people would enjoy, as at the moment we're geared towards a pretty select audience. suggestions are always welcome.

Stay Tuned.



  1. glad to hear! i learned some nice info on here when i first got my r32


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