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Introducing: The Meanest Looking Custom Built Skyline R34 GTR 1/7th Scale Remote Control RC Car

Passion, It's the thing that drives us to achieve. The push we feel to dare to dream something, ideal, and then manifest that vision into reality. For anyone who's ever fallen head over heels into an engine bay, or body work, or getting your car track ready, YOU KNOW that feeling that drives you to customize and make things as you feel they should be. Your intuition is second to none.  RC Car Skyline GTR R34 Custom Built Remote Control Car This GTR is no different from any of the other incredible cars featured on this site ( just look around; there's red ones , blue ones , silver ones , white ones , black ones ) - except for one, small, detail. - It's 1/7th the size! You wouldn't be able to fit inside it, but it still rips around like a GTR should, and is a whole lot of fun to drive I'm sure, and the customization on this build is phenomenal.  Nissan Skyline GTR RC Car Rear End Spotted on the RC sub, user XJuggernaut101 shared their build story with us of ho

SCCA Pro Racing in 2006: Automotive Forums Nissan GT-R : Roebling Road Test

Victors GMC Typhoon support truck
Its been a while since I have posted anything, sorry getting caught up with life. Last I left off with the 2006 World Challenge R34 GT-R, the race rig was loaded up, and we were headed East. The first car, the white car was finished and ready to race. The second car, the red car, had an engine in it, but it was not ready to race. On our way across country, I called SCCA Pro.  They still had not classified the GT-R, or given us preliminary approval to race.  They were a little surprised to hear from us.

The technical director for SCCA Pro said most new teams didn't make the first race of the season.   We were in Texas, on our way to Roebling Road to test the weekend before Sebring. We arrived a bit early, unloaded the car, and started finishing up some of the minor things on the car.
Still being stickered
Josh working on the car at Roebling Road
We ran the car out at the track, and then decided to swap the engine in the car, for the brand new($19,000) Nismo engine that just had come in from Japan. This engine was a Super Taikyu spec R34 engine.  In another post I will talk about the engine, the turbo setups we ran, and the difficulties we had. I have all the dyno charts, including the dyno chart from the engine dyno in Japan.

Putting the engine in without doing any testing would turn out to be a mistake, as it caused me to have to chase some boost issues at Sebring. I can't find any of the data from the track day at Roebling road, but there was nothing dramatic.   I think we were having some issues getting the Motec to register lap times.  At the track, we met up with another racer and car dealer, Chip VanVurst.  This would turn out to be one very positive thing, as he helped us tremendously.

Leaving Roebling Road on the way to Sebring

After Roebling Road, we packed up and headed for Sebring, the first race of the year with SCCA Pro.  Some good some bad.


J L said…
I love this story, can't wait until it gets caught up to present day! I can only imagine so much has changed in that time