Video: Nissan GTR Vs. Hennesey Cadillac Escalade

OK, So Hennesey made a a giant box travel pretty quickly here.... in a straight line only, cause as far as we can tell, cars only ever go straight! I'd love to see this Escalade attempt even a single corner with its level of power, seems like a roll-over candidate to me.

Next on the list of grievances... they raced this modded out escalade against a 100% stock GTR, which although is still quick, the real beauty of the GTR comes from the fact that it can be made significantly quicker with a mere boost increase and an ECU re-tune. If you wanted to compare $100,000 worth of upgrades, then the GTR would smoke the Escalade.

Anyways, at least the video does have some comical value, it is quite funny to see such a large vehicle travel so quickly, god I hope they prepared it for better handling and stability though.


  1. Hahaha wow... and yeah I agree, if that Escalade had to take a corner, the driver's gonna be spending some time in the hospital.

  2. That escalade has some serious suspension for it squat that little at launch. They are apples and oranges though. Cant really compare one to the other. Sports Car... SUV??? Why talk about turning very few GTRs are ever driven hard in anything other than a straight line by the average owner. I see them all the time racing at drag events only seen one ever drive at an autocross event.


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