Nissan GT Academy - You wish you were this kid

Nissan USA just posted this video up, it's a clip related to their GT Academy project. Team Signatech Nissan has the car pictured above, ready to compete in this years Le Mans Cup.

It all started with a Gran Turismo video game competition on PS3, where the winner was sent to a training camp for 5 days at the Silverstone Circuit in Spain. Nissan quickly realized that the kids video game skill easily translated into real world knowledge of racing and driving!
They put him through the 4 month driver training program to get his racing license and then sent him to Dubai to train with a veteran of both the Gran Prix and Le Mans series, Johnny Herbert . The kid helped Nissan to compete and develop the GT4 cup 370Z.
Being part of Team Signatech Nissan he competed most recently in the 12 hours of Sebring with the ORECA 03 LMP2 car in the top most picture. From here its onto to the June 24 hours of Le Mans race.
We wish him all the best, and heres a couple more photos Nissan's their blog, and a couple of shots taken by the Forum member Insported @ the Skyline Owners USA Lounge.

Insported snapped these pics of the racer at the 12 hours of Sebring race recently (click the pics for HD images):


  1. Correct! I DO wish I was that kid!

  2. training at Silverstone while in Spain might be a bit of a problem...


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