About 1320Video

About 1320Video:
1320Video started about 10 years ago as a hobby shooting slow (and somewhat dis-tasteful) cars in Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska, as my tastes changed, the site took off. Over the years I've been known for my street racing videos, but also some of the street car drag races & car shows I film. With a good relationship with Hot Rod Magazine I've filmed several of their events (Drag Week & Pump Gas Drags) providing web coverage as well as DVD's for these events. 

Over the years the street races 1320Video has filmed have evolved from 11-14 second cars to 7 and 8 second wheel standing monsters. The Cash Days & TX2K events provide 1320Video viewers with a glimpse into some of the crazy underground racing that goes down in the south. King of The Streets is another series recently picked up bringing some of the quickest street cars in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin to the track to a simulated street race event to race for $10-15k. Outside of large, national events, 1320Video also covers quite a few local car shows, street races, and events in the Midwest.