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Introducing: The Meanest Looking Custom Built Skyline R34 GTR 1/7th Scale Remote Control RC Car

Passion, It's the thing that drives us to achieve. The push we feel to dare to dream something, ideal, and then manifest that vision into reality. For anyone who's ever fallen head over heels into an engine bay, or body work, or getting your car track ready, YOU KNOW that feeling that drives you to customize and make things as you feel they should be. Your intuition is second to none.  RC Car Skyline GTR R34 Custom Built Remote Control Car This GTR is no different from any of the other incredible cars featured on this site ( just look around; there's red ones , blue ones , silver ones , white ones , black ones ) - except for one, small, detail. - It's 1/7th the size! You wouldn't be able to fit inside it, but it still rips around like a GTR should, and is a whole lot of fun to drive I'm sure, and the customization on this build is phenomenal.  Nissan Skyline GTR RC Car Rear End Spotted on the RC sub, user XJuggernaut101 shared their build story with us of ho

2011 Le Mans Series at Le Castellet - Pace car Ruins Everything

What a Disaster at the 2011 Le Mans Series at Le Castellet!
Almost immediately chaos ensues as a result of the pace car not doing as it was supposed to:

Apparently whats happened here, is the Pace car (Audi RS5) was supposed to leave the track when the lights turned green so that everyone could go full throttle, unfortunately the driver of the pace car (for what ever reason) chose to remain on the track, and while the front row of drivers noticed this and slammed on their brakes, the middle and rear section of the pack had no clue and began slamming into the back of other cars while everyone in front was putting on the brakes!

Edit: It seems likely that this may also have something to do with the light operator, as has been pointed out by some of our astute readers. Because the yellow flag was still waving, for a car that had stalled on the track, the light should have never turned green like that.

A number of cars were damaged in the wreck, including 3 of the front running Porsches are out of the race before the race even began.

Also, Wtf Aston Martin @ 2:56 in the video, a sticky throttle problem?


Anonymous said…
With the Aston, the front left wheel looks damaged or the brakes have locked on and won't release.
MuteMath Fan said…
Of course the pace car ruined it, the pace car is an Audi!
Xuian said…
wow what a terrible way to end the race ... at the very beginning because of a bad pace car :( The Le Mans is HUGE too, that's sad (
Patres said…
Wow... mega fail. The race organizers will have hell raining on them for this.
This is truly astonishing to see. To think Le Mans is at the pinnacle of auto racing. All sorts of shit will hit the fan. FIA punishment included. Those guys dont dick around.
Anonymous said…
Considering the yellow flags were still out, wasn't it the fault of the person operating the lights for switching to green.
Philippe Danh said…
Notice that the flagman kept his yellow flag so I wonder if there was not confusion between the tower and the pacecar driver who may not be at fault after all. Obviously a very very costly miscommunication problem that reminds me of the same scrary event at the US Moto GP at Laguna Seca in 2009..
J L said…
Corrected the Original Post to include the yellow flag problem as a possible reason. Hopefully a full explanation will be announced soon
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
it wasn't the pace car fault, it was the light operator, the yellow flags were still waving!