Skylines and Skyscrapers Movie

Found this gem in one of the forums, so followed the link back to the Vimeo site here: Skylines and Skyscrapers on Vimeo. You can order the DVD here: Skylines and Skyscrapers DVD. I just started watching it and already I'm hooked! Heres what the uploader had to say about the video: 

"Street Racing in Tokyo. This is a little film I made with a friend called Mr Brooks, a big Japanese sports car fan and owner. He had imported a few cars from Tokyo and got talking with the exporter about making a film. We went over to Tokyo for 5 days and 4 nights with our box of tricks, (Car mounts, Sony PD150 and some Super 8 kit - Beaulieu 4008ZM4 and Nizo 156, loads of lenses, Glidecam and some lipstick cameras) to make the film. We filmed street racing on the C1, Drifting in the Hakone Mountains, visited a top Tuning shop in Tokyo (Top Secret), went to the car auctions and met plenty of young Japanese car owners. Basically we worked like dogs 24/7 and had a great time filming and driving some great cars in and around Tokyo. 

Quite a lot of Super 8 material in this, Some shots using my old Glidecam 4000 Pro.

I really hope to get back to the city again soon."


  1. Anyone with the money to import "a few" cars is impressive :p

  2. Man, I bet that was one awesome "Work trip"

  3. Oye Hoye Hoyeee .. Awwsumma Waie .

    Aala .. Bara Aala

  4. Sounds like a great movie, will check it out in my free time, thanks ;)

  5. Nice! Followed!

  6. Miguel still has that 7. Here's a video I made right after he had the motor built by Knight Sports =>


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