Website Updates

I've made a couple of changes to the site, and we've also had a few new additions to the team, which I haven't had the chance to properly announce yet; the new updates to the site will be listed below. For now, I'd like to officially welcome our new members, who have already been contributing to the site for a week or so with some fantastic stories.


  • New Name, The Skylife
  • Authors page now features a "Locations" map to show where we cover around the world.
  • Updated downloads page to include files for R32, R33, R34 and some General good to know files. Downloads are free, unlimited and available for everyone in the world, read the instructions on the page.
  • New background and format, Completely changed the layout, background and formatting of this site, I hope this will bring a more modern look and feel to the site, as we attempt to move away from that cartoonish look.
  • New banner features Bobby's car and Leo's car.
  • Subscribe via email support now available, to the right side at the top of the page.
  • Direct feed from Feedburner available for pick up at the bottom of the page, in the footer.
Coming soon...
  • Domain hosting for our proper domain within the coming weeks.
  • More contributors from around the world, 3 or 4 who are in processing and awaiting approval right now
  • More how to guides, with support for later model skylines
  • The video we've been working on should be released sometime by spring
  • More incredible stories from the excellent contributors we already have!


  1. Not sure about the rainbows and birds... doesn't really fly with me and Skylines.

    I liked the old layout a little more.

  2. LOL yea, I'm probably gonna change it then, thats pretty much what everyone's been saying haha


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