RIPS FED has a mixed bag at the 4 n rota south island champs

I'll keep it short and sweet as we are still getting to grips with what has happened in Christchurch since we left.

We put the FED on the Link G4 display at the car show and came away with some trophies which I was very surprised to get as there were some serious dedicated show cars on display: 

On the Sunday we went to the Ruapuna circuit to drag race on the back straight, we had no idea what to expect so
detuned as muchg as possible for the first run and netted a 7.6 @ 172mph.
The track was very smooth and flat and I was looking forward to another run but we found water in No2 cyl and now that I have the head off I have found the head gasket we used in our haste to get the motor back together for the last meeting was not up to the job, with very low power it gas axed its way from No2 cylinder to the water jacket, our day was over but we did still get the quickest time of the day.........

Warming Up
Almost ready for the first run of the day
Discussing our options........ we established we had none and had to just leave the car on display for the rest of the day, absolutly gutting after traveling all that way for just 7.6 seconds:

The culprit, an inferior type of head gasket which I will never use again



  1. thats rough Rob, I feel for ya man, any mention on what brand Gasket that was? was it brand new or previously used?


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