The Red Car : Altia R34 GT-R

In the container
So, Igor had the one R34 GT-R race car, and we were planning on running in World Challenge in 2006. I had spent six years in the US.Navy and I am a firm believer in having a backup and being well prepared. If we were going to be serious, we would need a backup car.  Everything fell into place, and Igor purchased the 2nd car, the red car.
In the container prior to unloading
This car was a 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R. It was a pre-production car, and had been raced from the beginning. It had a few years, and a few miles on it, but as a backup, we were just going to do the basics, and have it prepared.

Igor unloading the car

Test fitting the 305 tires
This car was kind of dirty
This car was not in nearly as good a shape as the Fujitsubo car - now the white car. Two cars, the white car, and the red car.
Red car was ridden hard and put away wet
Test fitting the Z-Tune fenders
Z-tune bumper and fenders
We went with the Z-Tune fenders and look for a few reasons. First due to the homologation requirements of World Challenge, we wanted to give ourselves the option of a 2.8 liter engine, and a couple more years of eligibility.We also wanted to run the wider fenders to be able to stuff the 305 tires under the front of the car.

305 tires in the rear

The red car was just not as well put together as the white car. The red car was a 1999,the white car was a 2001.

Stripped down, getting ready to go for paint
 Bye, bye. See you soon.
If the red car was going to be the backup, it needed to look like the white car. Next post will be some of the unbuilding of the white car.  According to spell check, unbuilding is not a word or I spelled it wrong. Its my word, I claim it.


  1. Its truly mind boggling to think these old race cars are still available forsale. Props on having great connections. Not many could pull this off.

  2. very cool indeed, even though the red one isn't as nice, I still think its awesome, I love cars like that, where it's obvious it has a race history, you know it's been driven and enjoyed, a car that'll put a smile on your face! :)


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