R34 MFD and Dash - AN Fittings

Earl's Stainless Braided hose linesAn Fittings...
I found a guide online which explains all the "Dash - AN" fittings, like Earl's uses, and found on most stainless braided hose ends and connectors. I know the extensive variations in options can be very confusing for anyone looking to get some hosing figured out, so I've added a PDF that explains how the AN system works, give it a read if you ever wanted to know: Downloads page - General Section for AN Fittings Guide

R34 MFD into R33/32
Through the kindness of a GTR Owners Club UK Forum member - Daniel Hipgrave, we have made his excellent conversion guide and story available to all, it's a very interesting look at a custom job often considered by many R32 and R33 owners at some point during ownership. The story can be found in the "how-to" guides section on the right, at this link: R34 MFD into R33 / R32,. Or, the walk-through PDF guide can be found on the Downloads page in the "General" folder section here, under the heading: R34 MFD into R33/32 Conversion PDF


  1. AN fittings takes a while to figure out. I will have to admit, I spent a lot of time at Earls Store #1. Tom helps out a lot, figuring out fittings, and making things work. If you are ever in Hawthorne in LA, he is a huge help. Always busy, but will get you what you need.

    I thought an MFD into an R32/R33 would be cool. The ECU's are all very similar, so its just a matter of all the wiring, and mounting it.

    The cluster with the RS232 is either Euro or Nismo display.

  2. Display is a Sharp LQ6BW504.
    Same as import Toyota Prius '97 - 00.

    Discovered this just now!!

    Ureka moment.


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