Supplier Review

Feast Auto Export
Anyone who's ever tried to buy parts for their import has no doubt searched high and low for a reliable source. Personally I've tried online stores, but shipping always seems to kill the deal. Then there's always the forums, which are usually pretty trustworthy but competition for the rarer parts makes it hard to find what you're really looking for.

In this post I'd like to honor Adam, From Feast Auto Export, he's managed to find me some of the best prices including shipping, and has been the #1 most reliable seller I've ever come across.

Typically I browse the Yahoo Japan Auctions, and when I find something I like, I shoot an email over to Adam, He kindly translates the listing, and tells me everything I need to know, and we arrange payment through Paypal.

Cheers to Adam for a job consistently well done!

Heres just a few of the things he's tracked down for me:

Parts Supplied to me from Adam @ Feast