It's Going Well!...small update

Thanks to everyone who's been contributing in the past two days, the Skyline Life is growing quickly!

1,600 hits on launch day, followed by 800 hits on day 2, and we're on our way to a 500 hit day 3. So far we've had a number of new contributions:

  1. How to: Fix a broken manifold stud
  2. A link to a godly 666 bhp R33: Beast Project 666 horse power R33
  3. A link to another project: R33 Skyline GTS-T Project
Coming up...
We pay a visit to a Carbon Fiber production facility Nelson MX to see some of the great new products they've been working on, and to check out their progress on the GTS-T super light-weight build, we hear he's just got the motor out!

And, as the Montreal Auto show opens shortly we'll be bringing you coverage in the upcoming weeks!