The First Look : Ex-Fujitusbo R34 GT-R

Finally getting around to finding an uploading some older pictures of the World Challenge R34 GT-R.  Here are a few pictures of the first look at the R34 GT-R, right after Igor purchased it from Symbolic Motor Cars.

Weighing the car
Here is the car just as it was raced at California Speedway, and prior to any changes to World Challenge specifications.
The engine looks pretty stock

Pi System 2 Dash and Datalogging
ATTESA and ABS control switches
The Super Taikyu R34 GT-R had adjustable ATTESA torque split, and adjustable ABS.  The ATTESA system was also modified to use the Hicas(rear wheel steering) yaw sensor as an input. This Nismo ATTESA ECU is very trick, and was leased to the teams.
120 L fuel cell and quick fill

Nismo part number on the roll cage

Brembo monoblock brakes. Ohlins coil overs
Brake cooling ducts. Brake quick disconnects
Transfer case cooler

In addition to the transfer case cooler, there was a transmission and rear differential cooler. On some tracks, they even ran a front differential cooler. This car is an endurance race car, and cooling is very important.  If you ever get serious about tracking a car, you need to pay close attention to the cooling systems. What works on the street, does not work on the track.
Getrag transmission. Titanium downpipe
Transfer case
Titanium Nismo strut tower brace
Bleeder screw is vented
FIA roll cage. This wasn't going to work for SCCA
More ducting. Airflow is IMPORTANT
Modified and reinforced trunk lid
Knee bracing and heat shields
Canards and brake ducts
C-West front bumper. ARC oil cooler

These are but a few of the detail shots that we took of the car, before we started doing anything. Suzuki checked it out, we did some basic maintenance, then took it to Willow Springs for the first test.   Coming up next are some pictures from testing, Time Attack, and taking it apart to paint and prepare it for World Challenge in 2006.


  1. At last finding time to find a transferring a few more established photos of the World Write My Assignments For Me Challenge R34 GT-R. The following are a couple of photos of the main glance at the R34 GT-R, just after Igor bought it from Symbolic Motor Cars.


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