Feast Auto Group - Tokyo Auto Salon Report Part 1 - Japan

Hello everyone, Im Adam, lead hand at Feast Auto Group.

Just wanted to thank Josh for the invite onto his Blog. He's a new customer and appreciate his many recent orders. His blog is really coming together and delighted for the invite to share a little bit of what I see here in Japan.

First order of business is to cover the recent 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon which took place on January 14-16. . It is by far the biggest tuning expo in all of Japan. Next to it of course would have to be the Exciting Car Showdown out in Nagoya. More on that months down the road.

Getting riled up here...
A local Yokohama friend and worthy candidate is Ryosuke's BNR32. It was red last time around I seen at the Ebisu Spring Matsuri. But since the Drift Tengoku JZX100 recently burnt to a crisp, the crew over at Tengoku were stuck without a demo. So be it then, the GT-R gets pink with a tone of white.

In the RH9 booth there were a couple solid looking 32R's. One drag and the other i've seen, lapping around Fuji
some time ago. Here is the Garage Morita built R32. Those godly looking ducts are for the radiator coolling. Actually situated right in the passenger seat area. Come on now, this is Japan, everything has to be one off!

T-Get's 0-400 machine. Loving the STD wheels on this car with those fat MT Big Ends fitted.

From Rocky Auto, an S30 with ER34 NEO running gear. I tell you these guys are brilliant with the hybrid swaps.

Into the Option Magazine booth. Not a lot of cars this year, but definately were all heavy hitters. Including this Garage Scorche Carbon S15. This car has not seen a lot of magazine footage, but I can tell you its always been in the Option video's, atleast sneak peaks of it near the end of one or two. Royalty for any S chassis fan, for me atleast.

Close by this S15 was the well known Type M R32 built by Escort. This is pure 0-400 at its finest out of Japan. Completely molded front end, powered by a monster RB motor...sorry no TAS photos of that, but you can check out the Escort HP for more details.

Close by in the Drift Tengoku booth was this neat looking S14 finished in, what I call retarded anime. A hit or no hit, this is tacky and for people that have a problem with.........ill stop right there hahahahaha

And final shot for today's entry. From the G-Works magazine, an S30 Z which is looking sweet as ever, with or with out completion.