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Grade: B

Address: 8105 Rue Lafrenaie, St.leonard, Montreal, Québec H1P 2B1
Telephone #: (514) 327-1527
Website: www.jdmadvancemotors.com
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From their About Section: Our Mission: Quality Customer Service, Competitive Pricing, Best Low Mileage Engines, Continuous Improvement, Live Inventory. JDM Advance Motor Import Inc. is commited to provide customers with the best quality products in the market place and has established a reputation of personalized customer services. With the best knowledge and experiences in this buisness our team in Montreal, Canada as well as our team in Fukouoka, Japan trying their best effort to find the best, highest and unique products to meet the customer satisfaction. All the JDM engines, JDM transmission, JDM accessories are handpicked and not being purchased throgh the stocker or third party. We carry all major Japaneese used engines and transmissions as Honda, Nissan , Mazda, Subaru, Toyota, Suzuki. Our team in japan after buying the complete car and after full inspection dismental the engines and ship them to our differnt location in central Asia and north america.

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