SimCity 2013 Nissan Leaf DLC Charging Station

So, SimCity 2013 came out in March, the world declared the launch a massive failure, the game was crippled by online-only DRM and basically was not finished. Having played the game it's obvious there are major problems with the inner workings of the game, not to mention the countless rolled-back and lost cities. People were upset. In a somewhat ninja move, EA slipped in the first DLC for the game (free for users to download), while there are still major problems with the game, they put out a Nissan Leaf charging station.
SimCity 2013 Nissan Leaf Charging Station

The thing is, it doesn't really " do " anything per se but it is considered a positive influence on the neighborhood, and results in a few people using the Leaf cars driving around in your city. It's cute.
Kudos to Nissan for grabbing this opportunity at what surely must have been a bargain advertising deal. It's interesting that they chose to market their green side too.


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