Gymkhana BRZ - Disappointing ad from Subaru

The fact that we are 75 seconds into this video before we see or hear anything car related aside, the title of Subaru's video: Gymkhana BRZ hints that we might be so lucky as to see Ken Bock tear apart the world while finally back in a Subaru after his move to the ever-fun Ford Fiesta.

Sadly, no Ken Block appears; instead we are watching a moderately passionate drive through a farm, with a dough-nut so slow they actually accelerated the footage to compensate. Our hero steals the milk and an old man throws up a wave of approval, followed by another 15 seconds of boring-slowly-waking-up-girl shots. Suddenly we're in a race against the clock! I will admit that suspension looks really well sorted. All this so the hero can get the milk home on time.

Really Subaru, when you name something in a way that you know people are going to click it thinking it's one thing, but then watch it and feel disappointed that they did not see something awesome, you are now making people associate your brand with the feeling of disappointment. Too bad cause the BRZ looks like mad fun!