Nissan DeltaWing Atlanta Crash rolled by Porsche

The guys over at HighCroft Racing uploaded this incredible footage of the Porsche slamming into the Nissan DeltaWing effectively sending the whole car into a sliding-roll.

This all occurred at the Road Atlanta track during testing where the Porsche GTC delivered a 7G body slam to the Nissan DeltaWing piloted by Gunnar Jeanette. We've posted on the DeltaWing before and oddly enough it was another story where - in this particular instance - Toyota had shoved the D-wing into a wall during the 24h of Le Mans race. Cut the guy some slack!


  1. Looks like the porka got on the throttle a bit hard and got loose.
    Sucks that the Nissan driver gets an early shower :(


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