Street Level - White Nissan GTR

I was walking down the street after just having parked my own car when I noticed this...
White Nissan GTR Rain
 It's not every day you come across one of these, on a rainy night no less. So let's go in for a closer look.
 Beautiful white Nissan paint on this GTR, the attention to detail is phenomenal.
 Got down real low to take a look at the carbon fiber front lip and other bits.
 From this side the rims just look so agressive.
There's something about a bright green light on a dark misty night with a white GTR that just begs for a few minutes of my undivided attention.

 You can imagine the sound these exhaust pipes must roar out at full throttle.
 Better take a step back and collect myself.
 Once more down low, stunning.
Until we meet again.