Evo 8 - Suddenly Winter Storm - Accident Averted

Posted shortly ago, the driver of this 500 AWHP Evo 8 masterfully dodges smashed cars and trucks as he makes his way through the massive pile up on the free-way. He posted the story about the winter storm which apparently came out of nowhere. Video says it all:

Props to the driver for keeping his cool and handling it like a pro. Another example of the best drivers being the ones who spend the most time upgrading and maintaining their vehicles. I've always argued that the dangerous drivers are not the ones with the GTR's and EVO's or STI's... it's the cheap one's you gotta watch out for!

OC Notes:
Im driving this fast because for one, I always drive fast. and I own a evo. lol. This storm came out of nowhere. Weather was clear 15 seconds before the video started. I let go of the gas to slow down instead of braking in the beginning of the video.I knew i was driving too fast and braking would not have been a good idea. Beginning of this film is when I pushed the record button on the camera. You can hear me shut off the radio. My wipers aren't even on yet.

I am NOT on summer tires.

This Evo is a North Carolina car. There are no reasons for me to be on winter tires.
I do not have a crash beam because my IC is too large for one. I am buying a daily driver for winter driving.

Thats not a tennis ball. Thats a Subaru get more g's ball in the passenger side window

My "ricer" with green rims is pushing 500AWHP