An Introduction to ICE - In Car Entertainment

Today we're going to take a look at some options for the Interior of the Skyline, or generally any vehicle. When it comes to ICE (In Car Entertainment) A good point to keep in mind to guide you through the decision making process of "what do I want in my car?" is to think about what you will be using the car for.

The best results will be tailored to the owners specific desires, the great thing about the Skylines interior is that it's very modular. Meaning that, with 3 full size DIN slots, there's a lot of room to customize that cockpit to your needs. If you need more space than 3 DIN's well there's a whole host of creative solutions to consider for that as well.

Lets start with the basics, assuming you have a decently running car to start with and it's pretty much bone stock like this:
OEM R32 Skyline GTR Interior
Then you can really take it any direction you like.
From there, the next concern is usually Audio. Depending on your level of commitment to the audio quality you can start with 4 decent speakers and a regular CD player / Amplifier in one. From there other people have expanded on the basic configuration and opted for extra component speakers, additional amplifiers to power sub woofers.

For anyone considering this many options though a clear choice will have to be an "All-in-one" unit. For under $1,000 you can find a double DIN or single DIN fold out, touch screen, with GPS, radio. DVD playback and a whole host of other options, as long as your not on a tight budget.
For those considering a more extreme route, say something more of a track-oreitned but still street friendly setup, I'd suggest taking a look at our "Custom Cockpit" how-to guide. The guide covers everything from modifying the dash, and cluster to relocating the AC climate control unit and even custom mounting aftermarket gauges.
On a more intriguing note, you might also consider this route, taken by only a few to really customize the dash, this write-up covers installing an R34 MFD unit into one of the older Skylines.