Top Gear [UK] Vs. Tesla Motors: The Brawl Continues

Last week we posted a story about how Tesla Motors was going to be seeking legal action against the popular TV show Top Gear [UK] for damages to it's name after Clarkson, opened his mouth and jammed both feet in sideways.

Heres the original video where the bashing takes place, and one from the first time they tested it a few years back:

After watching the video, it's pretty clear that it was a little bit mis-represented of course, but then again, it IS Top Gear, I don't believe they have an obligation to report accurately, as I understand it, they are listed as an entertainment show, which may absolve them from the responsibility of reporting accurately.

Anyways, Andy Wilman of the Top Gear team has posted a full response to the situation on Top Gears' Blog, where he explains how the situation occurred, and proceeds to enlighten his audience on how the filming business works. I'm not sure this post is going to help his cause, They're really gonna need a special type of can opener to remove all the feet from their mouths at this point.

As if that wasn't enough Clarkson has now been the target of Vandals, reported by the Daily Mail (UK), after a dispute, Clarksons' holiday home was relieved of its perimeter fence. The vandals uprooted fence posts and tore down wire fencing in an effort to demonstrate to Mr. Clarkson their distaste for his rite of way policies.

I feel for the guy, he's made me laugh countless hours worth while watching his show, and I do love the bashing he's done on other vehicles (Even though they may not have deserved it) just because it is funny, I think people need to remember that Top Gear is primarily an entertainment show, god speed Clarkson.