The "BORG" features in NZ Performance Car Magazine

Today theres 2 updates, the first is the results of the Masterton series races, and season results which have been added to the RIPS FED story.
What a great way to end the build of the Borg, the latest issue of NZPC arrived yesterday, just 2 days before we are due to pack him into a container for shipping back to the UK.

Its been a long and very time consuming process from start to finish but I'm confident everyone involved is very happy with the end result, I for one have to thank Robin for trusting me with his pride and joy and for giving me free reign to show what the Borg is capable of by thrashing it within an inch of its life on the Hampton downs circuit and at the dragstrip  He even took the fact we split his new PPG dogbox down the middle like a man

Robins a great guy, a true gentleman and I'm so glad we built this car for him, we are real good friends now and there's already plans for us to get together for some more motoring fun in the future.

I'ts a little sad to see it go actually, its been nice to be able to pull the cover off from time to time and just "look" and to be able to show the odd customer what he looks like in the flesh, the looks on their faces when I open the bonnet is priceless and is the icing on the cake for me (O'm sure Robin will get alot of the same )

Thank you again Robin, and I hope you have tons of fun doing whatever you chose to do with him,



  1. Stunning Feature Robbie! Way to go! I bet Mr. Borg is quite happy with that one eh


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