Auction Find: Rare Collectible GTR History Lighters

Rare Find in the on-line Auctions of Yahoo Japan:

While cruising the Auctions again tonight I came across this set of 3 Zippo lighters in a nicely made box. The seller describes it only as "BNR32 Hakosuka Kenmeri Zippo set of three... Quite precious... some scratches" doing a bit of research it seems like it was made in 1993. The minimum price at the moment is roughly $180 USD and has 2 bids so far.
On the top of the wooden box its painted: Skyline GT-R History (Since 1970).
 Opening the box you can see a classic Hakosuka GTR badge inlaid, and 3 Zippo lighters.
Now, the first one on the left, has a light silver case with a drawing of KPGC10 (1970 - 1972) #15 painted on the hood. Doing a bit of research it turns out that it is most likely the #15 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC10), as driven to victory by K. Takahashi in the 1972 Fuji 300km Speed Race (according to: Here's what she would have looked like in real life:

The middle lighter has a brushed bronze case and features a depiction of a KPGC110 (1973) which was apparently never raced, and was known as the Ken & Mary Skyline due to an advertising campaign that stuck. Throughout its whole production run, only a total of about 197 cars were produced because of a fuel shortage in Japan at the time and economic issues, making it one of the rarest Skylines today. Heres an old add from a model:
The final lighter on the right depicts a KBNR32 (1989) which I assume can only represent the date of the first R32 GTR made and shipped. It looks fierce with the front wheels set to so much camber, it's a nice kit and would make a fine addition to any collectors set.