ARC in Bankruptcy, So long to another great company

ARC in JAPAN: The ARC Product is wonders assembiled project. They present comfortable and unknown car life with ARC power

These are the words that will be forever on my own personal intercooler, made by ARC in Japan. It is a sad day today as we receive news around the world that yet another legen*-Wait for it........ -*Dary! parts manufacturers is going to be potentially closing shop for good, for the time being, they are in bankruptcy. 
This unfortunately seems to be the trend as of late with the economy the way it's been, ARC has never been known for offering bargain basement prices, but they are renowned for making some of the highest quality products in the world. There is a small chance the Japanese government may bail them out, and ARC could see a comeback story similar to that of Trust / GReddy, where they had announced bankruptcy, re-organized the company and got back into business. At this point, we can only hope they will return one day soon! 
ARC Intercooler for application on BNR32
Skyline R32 GTR - ARC intercooler
Ode to my ARC intercooler....
the way it channels air so efficiently through the fins, and each tube across is made into a point! to slice through the air and chill the charged air, so that I, may enjoy just a little more power from my car.

Thank you ARC, for being that little extra bit of Awesome in my life.

Skyline R32 GTR - ARC Intercooler


  1. It's always a shame to see company go like this..

  2. yeah ebay is THE spot to get stuff

  3. yeah, eBay is THE place to get LOW quality car parts !

    good article by the way


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