Engine destroyed with piston through block wall

A couple photos of the damage, and 2 videos below of the newly rebuilt motor using what we had, along with some new testing... its going well...

engine rod bent and destroyed
All been updated and added to the full build story here: RIPS Racing, The FED Build Story

oil pan hole

hole in engine block

But The FED Lives again!...
After our massive blow up 4 days ago on Sunday at Meremere where a rod came out the side of the block and caused massive damage to alot of expensive parts, I'm happy to say after countless hours we are all back together with a new motor made up of all sorts of used parts, hopefully it will do us proud on Sunday at the 2nd round of the NZDRA championship which we currently lead.

February 4, 2011... Testing new motor...
While giving the new motor some more running and load on Friday the 4th Feb 2011 before the Northern Nations we decided to test the Co2 injection we have on the turbine housing, with just 800psi and a small jet we are getting very promising results, looks like its going to work well.