Super Taikyu R34 #2 : Altia

This World Challenge story/series is going to be a little random, a little back and forth. As I find pictures and things spark some memories, I will post. The first car that was purchased was the ex-Fujitsubo car. We were planning on doing it properly for World Challenge, so to have a spare car, the Altia R34 was purchased.

Here it is, the Altia car, before the stickers were peeled, and it was painted white to match the other car.

Same car, new wheels, new paint, World Challenge spec
Steves R32 GT-R , and the World Challenge R34 GT-R
At St. Petersburg in 2006.

We started the season in 2006 at Sebring. After a tough first race, we ended up at Moroso for a test weekend. During the test weekend, the first car, the Fujitsubo car was crashed.  While the Altia car was painted, and the roll cage was in it, it was not prepared for racing.  In an alley/small shop, over the course of 5 days, we swapped everything from one car, to the other car and raced it at St. Petersburg. There is a little more to that story, with pictures, but that will come a little later.

The video below is a standing start at St.Pete. Watch the left side. 

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  1. Very cool story man, I added this part to the page, for anyone who wants to read the whole story when its finished!


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