R34 GT-R Super Taikyu

In 2005, I started working as the crew chief on an R34 GT-R, ex-Super Taikyu that was imported to the US.  This is the first test day with the car at Streets of Willow Springs. In addition to the R34, a friend brought out his Motorex R32 GT-R.   Check out the video, and check back later for some more of the story of running an R34 GT-R in SCCA World Challenge.  The R34 was the Fujitsubo, and Leyjun sponsored car during its Super Taikyu run.


  1. Awesome story! Can't wait to hear more!!

  2. So I assume your a automotive tech by trade? How long did you work at it before moving onto stuff like this? I'm thinking of doing that trade myself

  3. My family is in the car business. I actually was in the US Navy for 6 years as a Gas Turbine Electrician. After the Navy I worked in my family business exporting cars. I just fell into the GT-R thing. I learned to work on them, because I had to. I learned the hard way.


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