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The best Shops, Mechanics, Garages, Tuners and Dealers around the world encourage reviews as a way of promoting their business. This Peer Review platform aggregates reviews and customer experiences from all over into one simple Letter Grade, with links to relevant discussions as evidence and justification for the grade they earned.

Trust is the single most important factor, so a shops' reputation should be subject to Peer-Review. Benefit from someone else's past experiences and find out what others are saying about that shop you're thinking of giving money to, before you hand over your keys or dollars.

Remember! The best indicator of future behavior, is past behavior.

Tell us about your experience, Submit a new shop, or submit links and information to be added to already existing shop's review page.

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The Grading system explained:

  • A's are reserved for those shops that always go the extra mile, their service is dependable and reputable across multiple sources, communities, forums and boards. Past customers become brand ambassadors as they preach to others about how much they love this shop.
  • B's are for those shops who deliver better than average service, they rarely mess anything up, and when they do they are quick to resolve the issue and make any mends necessary in good faith.
  • C+ is the starting point for every new submission, nobody has said anything good or bad about this shop yet, so they are given the benefit of the doubt for now.
  • C's are average grades for average shops, they are hit or miss depending on the day, service isn't the best but they usually rectify any problems and don't currently have any major reports against them.
  • D's are for shops that sell more Bull than product, they offer no warranty or guarantee's, buyer beware! You should be absolutely certain of what you are paying for before you buy it, and know you are risking your wallet for that deal.
  • F's are reserved exclusively for shops that are unanimously declared fraudsters, thieves or liars across multiple communities, forums, boards and other review sites, likely to be shut down soon if they aren't already.
  • + / - gives you an idea if the shop is in the upper or lower portion of their grade score.