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Grade: D-

Address: 8155-8165 Boulevard Langelier, St-Leonard/Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H1P 2B7
Telephone #: 1-800-270-5712 / 514-382-4333
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From their About Section: Best Quality; All of our engines are hand-picked and imported from Japan for your enjoyment. We strive to have the best quality while still retaining the best prices on the internet. These engines are tested/checked to make sure they are in perfect running condition before they leave Japan. Once they arrive, they are inspected to insure that quality is not a issue. Availability; Every engine that you see listed on this site is in stock and ready for shipment. We also carry many other engine's not listed. We can help you with all your engines needs. We distribute makes such as Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and many others. Where do we get our engines? This is one of the most common questions we are asked. "Where do we get our engines, and why can I get one for $600 less than your competitor?" It's rather simple... we own junkyards in Japan and import the parts. Since we are the sole importers of our engines, we can afford to sell them for much less than our competitors.

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